Do you really understand underwear?

by:LADYMATE     2021-10-06
On weekdays, we hear the word 'underwear' more and more. Do you really understand underwear? Ladymate underwear manufacturers talk about it. Underwear is not what we usually understand, underwear without seams. The underwear is a one-time forming underwear produced by a novel special equipment. Weaving is a high-tech technique used in the production of highly elastic knitted outerwear, underwear and highly elastic sportswear. It can make the neck, waist, buttocks and other parts of the neck, waist, buttocks that are often rubbed, without seams, and avoid the discomfort of wearing. It can be very fashionable. There are mainly two kinds of technology for underwear on the market. One is to design the required patterns by computer three-dimensional software, and then use the Yuantong knitting machine to perform three-dimensional knitting, and finally form a one-piece garment. The other is in the seams, using ultrasonic waves, adhesives for seaming or conforming garments. The fabric composition of underwear is generally nylon, cotton or other natural fibers, and veil elastic yarn. Due to the design of the underwear, in terms of wearing feeling, there is no friction of the seam underwear on the skin, it is comfortable and no trace, and it can achieve perfect care for the skin. Underwear can also be designed with functionality, such as: chest support, waist reduction, hip lift, straight back, etc. Although it is close-fitting, due to the characteristics of fabrics and weaves, underwear, sports bras and sports T-shirts can absorb sweat and breathe, keeping the skin dry and comfortable for a long time. Underwear is not only comfortable and close to the body, but also has its own unique sense of fashion. Now, do you have a new understanding of underwear?
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