Do you know the origin and style of bra cups?

by:LADYMATE     2021-12-01
The word cup is determined by the French. Because the bra was invented by the French in the 1920s, its former name was Corset. Bra is abbreviated as bra, and this word is derived from French. When the French invented the bra, they also determined the unit of breast or breast size derived from it. The word 'cup' is translated by Chinese people. Because in addition to the straps, there are only two cups that cover the chest. The size of the cup is used to measure the size of the breast, which is simple and easy to understand. The editor of Foshan Boxin Clothing-Underwear Customization Manufacturer introduces the styles of the cups mainly as follows:   1. A full-face bra can contain all the breasts in the cup, has the effect of supporting and improving concentration, and is more functional. Cup. Many body types are suitable, suitable for people with plump breasts and soft flesh. 2. 3/4 cup bra 3/4 cup is the best style among the four bras. If you want to make the cleavage visible, then you must choose 3/4 cup to highlight most of the curves of the breasts. All body shapes are suitable.   3, 1/2 cup bra     is good for matching clothing, this kind of bra usually can be removed from the shoulder straps to become strapless underwear, suitable for off-shoulder clothing.   4, 5/8 cup bra    is very similar to 3/4 cup, suitable for girls with small and exquisite breasts, more plump.
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