Do you know the misunderstandings of body underwear?

by:LADYMATE     2022-03-21
Do you know the misunderstandings of Bodysuit? Ladymate clothing-high-end body underwear custom manufacturer to share with you: 1. Can body shaping underwear lose weight? Here, bodywear custom manufacturers suggest that you must understand that one of the purposes of wearing bodywear underwear is to control your appetite. The restraint of the waist can prevent you from eating too much at every meal, and it is the limit if you are about 80% full. The main effect of body sculpting underwear is to adjust the distribution of body fat, which can make the body shape more beautiful rather than reducing its own weight. 2. Can you continue to wear loose body shaping underwear? Body-sculpting underwear will become slack after wearing it for a long time. Don't mistakenly think that it must be thin. It may be that you bought a defective product or the quality of the underwear has a problem. Even if it is a genuine product, generally speaking, a good product Z can only be worn for two years. The sculpting underwear becomes ineffective when it is slack, and it won't work anymore. So don't reluctant to give up your loose underwear because of economy. 3. Choose tight body underwear, think the tighter the tighter, the better the effect? This is a very wrong understanding. The shapewear must be designed by professionals. After all, everyone's actual situation is different, and the parts to be sculpted are also different. The so-called tailor-made. A bra that is too tight will only deform your breasts, make it difficult to breathe, and even cause 'green blood disease.' 4. Think it's normal to be strangled by body shaping underwear? Some people will suffer from waist strangulation when wearing shape-fitting underwear, which is considered to be 'good medicine bitterness' and ignores it. Once this happens, remember that there is a problem with the design of the trousers. 5. People who are not in good shape and old need to wear shaping underwear? The people who are suitable for wearing shaping underwear include: women with poor body proportions, and women who need to regain their body shape after childbirth. For example, women with flat breasts, thick thighs, local fats that are difficult to reduce, and sagging buttocks. Generally speaking, women will not have the tendency of sagging breasts until they are 25 years old. At this time, wearing body-shaping underwear can effectively delay the aging of the body.
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