Do you know the little knowledge of making underwear not deformed?

by:LADYMATE     2021-10-31
Underwear is a close-fitting garment that needs to be soft and comfortable, but also healthy. In this way, we usually choose underwear made of pure cotton fabric. Although it is comfortable to wear, it is easy to deform during washing. How to deal with this phenomenon? Many people in underwear factories know that the underwear is directly dried or dried after washing. Wring dry, in fact, this is also incorrect. This is easier to deform the underwear. The correct way is to use a dry towel to fully absorb the moisture on the underwear. After the underwear is dried, we will cool the underwear so that it will not deform.   After the underwear is dry, we will see how to store it and fold it. Many people will put it at will to deform the underwear. Therefore, when folding, the wireless underwear can fold one cup into the other cup, and then put the shoulder strap and back into the inner lining. In this way, the soft and comfortable underwear will not be deformed. Another situation is that if the bra has steel wires, just unfold it flat, and the underwear can be rolled into a round strip, which is easy to pack. This not only saves us space, but also can store clothes in a more orderly manner. .   As for some girls who like to wear sports underwear, they can put them in the washing machine, but still avoid using the dryer to dry them.   In addition, please pay attention to the following points:    1. Check the underwear first before washing the underwear. If there is any disconnection, you must sew it first, and hook the back hook and fasten the shoulder strap to avoid hooking the fabric during the washing process.  2. When washing, you should first dissolve the neutral lotion in 30℃-40℃ warm water before putting down the clothes. After soaking for a while, pat it with your hands. Do not wash hard to avoid abrasion of the fabric.  3. Rinse the lotion thoroughly when cleaning.  4. Do not use fabric softener after washing to avoid damaging the elastic fibers of underwear.   5. After washing, you can't wring it out by hand. You can only wrap it with a dry towel and squeeze it with your hands. After the towel absorbs the moisture, straighten the underwear to its original shape.  6. u200bu200bThe clothes are easily deteriorated and faded by the sun, so underwear can only be dried in a cool and ventilated place.  7. Wet bras should be hung at the point between the cup and the cup. Do not hang the shoulder straps because the weight of the water will stretch the shoulder straps. Why does underwear turn yellow? If your hands or laundry tub are stained with bleach when washing underwear, underwear will change color upon contact, so you must be careful when washing clothes. In addition, Shantou Ladymate Apparel-adjustable high-end Bodysuit, underwear processing, and underwear OEM custom processing manufacturers remind everyone: After the underwear is washed, there is not enough water to thoroughly wash it, and the excess lotion remains on the clothes, which will also make the underwear. Turn yellow. Underwear that has been exposed to the sun will also turn yellow. How to clean the stains on underwear If the underwear is soiled, it should be cleaned as soon as possible. The longer the time, the more difficult it will be to clean the stains into the fiber tissue of the material.
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