Do you know the basics of adjustable body underwear?

by:LADYMATE     2022-03-16
Ladymate Apparel--Beauty underwear custom manufacturer summarizes the basic knowledge of adjustable body underwear: Basic knowledge of adjustable Bodysuit Adjustable underwear is also called 'heavy function' underwear. The design of adjustable underwear comes from the principle of cellulite displacement, and is correct. After the steps are put on, it can support the sagging muscles, quickly trim the body curve, and create a graceful and balanced posture. Adjustable underwear can be roughly divided into the following types according to 'functions': (1) Adjustable bra: Modifies the chest curve to make the chest stand upright and plump, prevent the breasts from opening and sagging, and present a beautiful and moving cleavage. (2) Girdle: The posture is determined by the waist curve. The design of the girdle can create a waistline, raise the waist position, and control the accumulation of stomach and abdominal fat. (3) Girdle pants: used to raise and create a round hip shape, while suppressing the protrusion of the lower abdomen. The long girdle pants can also tighten the fat on the thighs and modify the curve from the buttocks to the thighs. (4) Three-in-one chest, waist and abdomen long underwear: As the name suggests, the curves of the chest, waist and abdomen can be adjusted, which is stable when worn and not easy to loosen. (5) One-piece one-piece underwear: from the chest to the hips, the one-piece wraps up, in addition to sculpting the curves of various parts, it can still prevent hunchback and correct posture. Material aspect: Emphasis on elasticity, binding, and even wearing comfort, but aesthetic appeal is not high. The use of elastic lace and Lycra elastic fabric makes the new generation of adjustable underwear have the advantages of breathability, lightness and thinness. The whole underwear is made of elastic strengthening materials, which makes the restraining force of the underwear on the body more evenly distributed, and reduces the squeeze of the fat. Side effects of running around. In terms of styles: pay attention to tolerance, but the half of the general bra, three-quarters, etc. are less common, and the full cup is more common. In terms of cutting lines: more complex and delicate than ordinary bras and trousers, in order to achieve the so-called improvement, concentration, and stability effect.
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