Do you know the 8 secrets of breast health?

by:LADYMATE     2022-03-16
1. Will 'Princess Taiping' have breast hyperplasia?    It is unscientific to prevent breast disease from getting small breasts. Even women who terminate breast development early, as long as the hormone secretion in the body is abnormal, it will also cause various breast problems. Many of the breast disease patients I have seen are women with small breasts. Breast diseases are closely related to the balance of hormones in the body, the usual living environment, and work pressure.  2. What will happen to the breasts after pregnancy or having a baby?    During pregnancy, the breasts will gradually become larger, and after delivery or breastfeeding, the breasts may sag and the cup will be reduced. This is called 'breast agingTo avoid sagging breasts, women can try to wear adjustable or sports underwear to keep in shape.  3. Why is my breast asymmetrical?    A small abnormality in breast tissue during embryonic development may cause obvious morphological differences after birth and growth. The main manifestations are that the sizes of the breasts, nipples, and areola on both sides are different, or they are not on the same horizontal line. The abnormal embryonic development that causes breast asymmetry is not only limited to the breast tissue itself, but may also be caused by problems with the pectoralis major muscle, ribs, or other breast tissues, resulting in asymmetry in the appearance of the breast. 4. Is breast enhancement essential oil useful for breast enhancement?    From a professional point of view, breast enhancement essential oil combines the techniques of a esthetician to dredge the meridians, promote local blood circulation, promote blood circulation, reduce swelling and relieve pain, but use fake, inferior, and poor-quality breast enhancement Essential oils will increase estrogen levels in the body and affect breast health. For your own health, please look for authentic Xiangzitang products.  5. What are the benefits of breastfeeding?    Insist on breastfeeding can effectively prevent breast cancer and promote body recovery. The length of breastfeeding is an important factor affecting the incidence of breast cancer in women, even exceeding genetic factors. In the past 100 years in developed countries, women have mostly replaced breastfeeding with artificial feeding. As a result, the incidence of breast cancer has also increased significantly. In order to keep women away from breast cancer, new mothers and expectant mothers should not give up breastfeeding.  6. u200bu200bIs it true that bad lifestyle habits such as high pressure and staying up late will increase the risk of breast cancer?    Urban young women face fierce competition pressure, and they are in a state of stress and tension for a long time, which leads to emotional instability and unevenness. These mental factors combined with bad life and work styles cause further damage to the breast. Although women in the workplace are under great pressure at work, they should “relax” their own psychology at the right time. Laughing, talking to people, etc. are all good ways to reduce stress. Usually go outdoors to get in touch with the sun, returning to nature and family life is good for physical and mental health. 7. How to perform breast self-examination?    You can stand in front of the mirror, turn your body slowly to the right and left with your hands on your hips to check whether your nipples and breasts are indented, swollen or damaged, and then put your palms on your hips and press them down. Rotate the body at the same time to make the outline of the breast appear clear. If abnormal changes are found, compare it with the other side to check whether the breasts are symmetrical on both sides. If there is any asymmetry, go to the hospital for consultation.  8. Can early breast cancer be cured?    Generally speaking, early breast cancer has a small tumor size without spreading and metastasis. The effective treatment method is surgical resection. Breast-conserving surgery is an important method of surgical treatment of early breast cancer. Conventional radiotherapy after breast-conserving surgery has good results. The 5-year survival rate of breast cancer patients after surgical resection is more than 60%. After surgery, postoperative treatment for a period of time is recommended, such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy, and traditional Chinese medicine treatment to prevent recurrence and speed up the recovery of body functions.
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