Do you know how to wash body underwear correctly?

by:LADYMATE     2022-03-18
There are some washing methods and taboos for body underwear that most women don’t know. If you are not careful, you will wash your body-sculpted tailor-made body underwear by mistake. Next, Shantou Ladymate Clothing-- custom manufacturer Let me tell you some tips on washing underwear. When washing underwear, use ordinary neutral detergent. Dissolve the neutral detergent in warm water below 30°C. Do not use alkaline heavy detergents such as bleach. Avoid staining colored clothes. In addition, it must be washed by hand. Never use washing powder to wash. Body-fitting underwear will be deformed or worn because it cannot withstand the strong agitation of the washing machine due to the use of delicate fabrics. Therefore, in order to maintain the longevity of the clothes, please wash them by hand. When using detergent, some small particles will get into the Bodysuit, which is not easy to rinse off. Flush thoroughly and it is forbidden to soak the underwear for a long time. The lotion remaining on the underwear can easily cause discoloration. Please do not soak the underwear for a long time, and get into the habit of washing it immediately. After washing, try to use a bath towel to pat dry the body underwear. The hot air of the dryer will destroy the elasticity of the fabric, so don't use it. Arrange the cup so that the surface is facing outward, hang it on a hanger to dry, avoid direct sunlight, and avoid direct sunlight to avoid yellowing or fading. Alright, the above is the correct way to clean the body underwear shared by the body underwear customization manufacturers. I hope it will be helpful to everyone. You can pay attention to us. We will continue to update the knowledge about underwear for everyone.
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