Do summer underwear need to be changed every day? Can underwear be machine washed?

by:LADYMATE     2022-03-23
In the hot summer, as long as you have a little activity, you will be sweaty. In addition to T-shirts, shirts, skirts, and pants, which need to be changed and washed frequently, underwear and underwear need to be washed and replaced daily, especially for female friends. Underwear is vital to their health. . In summer, how to properly wash and maintain underwear has become a compulsory course for every female friend. No, a warm reminder from the editor of Shantou Ladymate Apparel-underwear custom manufacturer is coming right away. 1. Do new underwear need to be washed before wearing? Of course! Since the production of bras requires multiple processes and a variety of dyeing processes, in order to ensure cleanness and health, Xiaoshi recommends that you buy them and wash them before wearing them. 2. Is the underwear hand-washed or machine-washed? Hand wash! As personal clothing, underwear must be hand-washed to be healthier. It is well known that washing machines are a breeding ground for bacteria. No matter how many times they are washed, there are still dead spots in hygiene. Although Ladymate Apparel's underwear is of super quality, wear-resistant and washable, it is still recommended Everyone washes underwear by hand. 3. Do summer underwear need to be changed every day? need! In summer, the weather is hot and the amount of sweating increases. Sweat and bacteria are easy to hide in the inner lining of the cup. Every day, the nipple produces secretions. If these bacteria and garbage are not cleaned up in time, they are easily absorbed by the nipple and enter the breast, resulting in a variety of Breast disease, often wearing overnight underwear, not only has a peculiar smell, but also redness and itching in severe cases. Therefore, Xiaoshi recommends that everyone change underwear every day. The above solves the nursing problem of underwear, and you should also pay attention to summer wear. As long as you choose the right underwear, you can easily take care of the breast health in summer.
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