Do I need to wear nursing underwear during breastfeeding?

by:LADYMATE     2021-11-10
Lingerie is a very important piece of clothing for women. It can not only prevent sagging breasts, but also enhance women's self-confidence, but because of breastfeeding reasons, many women can not wear underwear. You cannot protect the health of your breasts without wearing underwear. Many women choose breastfeeding underwear, so do they need to wear breastfeeding underwear during breastfeeding? Let's talk about the bra manufacturers below. The answer is yes, breastfeeding underwear should be worn during breastfeeding. Nursing underwear is tailor-made for women who are breastfeeding. Wear it consistently from the first day of breastfeeding. If you don't wear it, it will increase the risk of breast sagging, especially when walking or working, it will also cause severe breast vibration, and the sagging will become more and more serious. Wearing breastfeeding underwear is different, so that the breasts have support, the breasts will be more comfortable, more milk can be excreted, and the nipples can be protected from conflict and bumps. Breastfeeding mothers must take extra care to protect their bodies, especially breasts. Carelessness will affect the quality and yield of milk. Therefore, for women who love beauty, if they are worried that the sagging breasts will not look good, they can buy special nursing underwear. This kind of underwear is very well planned. It is convenient for mothers to breastfeed and solves embarrassing problems without affecting milk excretion. No matter how much milk is excreted, it will not make a large area wet on the chest, which will deal with a big trouble for the woman. But pay attention to the quality when buying, the kind of inferior underwear without hygiene guarantee will harm the health of the pregnant mother, and it will also indirectly harm the baby, so don't buy it.
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