Do I have to change shapewear and when can I take a shower after surgery?

by:LADYMATE     2021-09-04
Do I have to change the shapewear? The core concept of the restoration of the shapewear is to repair in stages, and to shape the body through scientific research. The first stage depends on the repair, and the second stage depends on the shaping. The application of different working pressure of the body shaper can achieve the actual effect of repair and body shaping after the operation. The first stage is used within 30 days after the operation, which is mainly for rapid inflation, strapping and immobilization of the brake type; the second stage for 30-180 days after the operation is the golden period after the operation, and the medium pressure plate must be continuously pressed. It can continuously reduce the level of the operation area and shape the top and bottom of the beauty body. How long can I take a bath? After the stitches are removed, you can take a bath, but after washing, you must quickly dry the body. Generally, you can take a bath until the day after the stitches are removed for 7 days. In the past (the first week), it was all dominated by bathing! Taking some anti-swelling drugs orally, or drinking centipede herb tea, red bean and barley water can help reduce the swelling! Later, what I am talking about is: beautiful ladies must go to reliable medical beauty organizations and select skilled doctors for liposuction!
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