Do bras have to be hand washed? How to wash by hand? Popular bra manufacturers to teach you!

by:LADYMATE     2022-08-13
Do bras have to be hand washed? How to wash by hand? The following popular bra manufacturers will teach you!​ In fact, the bra is suitable for hand washing. If it is machine washed, put the bra into a laundry bag and wash it quickly for 3 minutes. Then, as for hand washing, what should we pay attention to? Washing points: 1. About strength: When hand washing, be sure to use gentle force and gentle force, do not scrub and twist to prevent deformation. Use a soft brush to gently clean the dirty areas on the sides. 2. About water: When washing, soak it in cold or warm water for 10 minutes before cleaning, and do not use hot water. 3. About soaking: The soaking time must not be too long, and it must be washed quickly and then rinsed, otherwise the lotion left on the bra will make it discolored. 4. About lotion: When using medium-sized lotion or underwear special lotion, the lotion should be dissolved in warm water at 30-40 degrees first, and avoid applying it directly on the bra. Use an appropriate amount of lotion, as excess lotion will damage the bra. 5. About bleaching: No matter what kind of color bra, bleach should not be used, because it will damage the material of the bra and make it yellow. 6. About color: Do not wash bras of different colors together to prevent staining. 7. About drying: before the underwear is washed and hung up, dry it by hand or pat it dry with a bath towel, do not twist it; when it is placed in the dehydration tank, it should be placed on the upper layer and covered with a laundry net (the drying time is 30 seconds) Inside). Do not use a dryer to dry the bra, which can easily deteriorate the bra. 8. About drying: The freshly washed underwear has the weight of water. When drying the bra, the bra should be supported and buckled with a triangular drying rack, and then fixed with a clothespin strap, so that it will not deform after drying. . It can be dried naturally in a ventilated place, and must not be exposed to sunlight. The bra is easy to harden and turn yellow, which is neither beautiful nor comfortable to wear. 9. After the bra is replaced, it must be stored separately before washing, and avoid putting it together with other dirty clothes. The above is the information about bra washing collected by the editor of the popular bra manufacturer, I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know about buying underwear, please consult Ladymate Apparel, an ODM/OEM professional manufacturer of all kinds of underwear and underwear. It has a professional material development team and development experience in the underwear industry; a new technology professional development team combined with the development of new materials; professional Underwear designer team; professional production equipment and testing equipment; the introduction of a professional quality management system, the implementation of humanized management, and constantly upgrade and produce new products that are comfortable, healthy and high-quality for consumers.
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