Display tips for sportswear

by:LADYMATE     2021-09-24
The following Ladymate underwear manufacturers talk about the display tips of sportswear.  Color matching guidelines  Color matching should be based on the color harmony and color system of sportswear. It can be from cold to warm, perhaps from warm to cold, or according to light and shade. For vertical color matching, you can choose the same color matching.  Theme decoration   theme decoration can leave a deep image for customers. The theme decoration should be carefully designed according to the needs and changes of the season to attract more customers' attention. Achieve unity in color system, style and theme. At the same time, some props should be added for the theme decoration, but it must be matched with the goods on the display. The principle of adherence is to give people a fresh and bright feeling in summer and autumn. In winter and spring, give people a warm and warm feeling.  Space Decoration    is for limited space. In order to use the space to a large extent, different products are usually combined in a separate area. Focus on one of the products, and add other related products. The same trick and style, different colors are combined; similar colors, different products are combined.  The use of other accessories   The decoration of sportswear also needs to go through the construction of lights, the decoration of props, and the matching of combinations, so as to better display the product. It needs to be displayed to show more of the strengths of sportswear. It is necessary to achieve precise terminal, combined with the brand image for useful and practical decoration.
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