Did you know that Ladymate underwear factory is really unusual

by:LADYMATE     2022-08-28
There is such a manufacturer specializing in underwear, only focusing on one thing for 17 years, only focusing on sports bra, Bodysuit, knitted camisole, 5/7 trousers, yoga clothes, sportswear and other underwear series products professional production and processing manufacturers , it is Ladymate knitted underwear manufacturer, because of its focus, it is professional; because of its professionalism, Ladymate has been knitted for many years“Ladymate has been rated as the provincial government of Jinhua“Jinhua famous brand!“Approved, approved! Early in the morning, Manager Hu of the Ladymate Underwear Factory excitedly went to the e-commerce department with a document and said loudly. Soon everyone gathered around, only to see Manager Hu brought out a notebook and a medal. It turns out that we are Ladymate Underwear Factory.“Ladymate was once again rated by Jinhua Municipal Government“Jinhua Famous Trademark, Registration No.: 3660267 This year, Xiaobian has the honor to join Ladymate Knitting E-Commerce Department to assist the underwear factory in promoting the company's brand. On the first day, under the leadership of my Ladymate colleagues, I visited the workshop, exhibition hall, and exhibition rooms of various awards, and I was deeply moved by the scene in front of me!“2007 Compassionate devotion to love, kind deeds warm people's hearts,“In 2009, the city's industrial growth enterprises,“2010 Financial Contribution Award,“In 2010, the transformation and upgrading of advanced enterprises,“City of the Year 2011“growing company,“2013 PARKnSHOP Bank Credit Enterprise……One of the most striking is that our Ladymate underwear factory was rated as“Class A enterprises,“2015 Honest Private Entrepreneur and Our Ladymate Underwear Factory Brand“Ladymate2013 was selected as the“Jinhua famous brand! I asked my colleagues, are these all our Ladymate's? Colleagues proudly say“Yes! My colleague also told me that Ladymate Underwear Factory is actually a very powerful factory. Although it is a production-oriented enterprise, Mr. Wang of Underwear Factory is wise and wise, insists on making good products and is responsible for customers and users. Product quality is produced according to Japanese quality requirements. Whether it is in material selection or style design, it is at the forefront of its peers. So over the years, the underwear products produced by our Ladymate have been well received by customers. It has also set up a direct network in the United States. The market environment has also undergone some changes in the past two years. As an entrepreneur with social responsibility and responsibility, Mr. Wang of Ladymate Underwear Factory has always told everyone that a good product like our Ladymate should be bought by Chinese people. It began to expand the domestic market, and directly through Alibaba and other platforms, Chinese people can also buy products with European and Japanese quality requirements. No, our Ladymate brand was recognized as a famous trademark in Jinhua City in 2013 (valid for three years).“The famous trademark of Jinhua City, Mr. Wang also told us, in fact, our Ladymate“Ladymate brand is also applying for a famous brand, in the future our Ladymate underwear factory“Ladymate will not only be a famous trademark, but also a domestic famous trademark. Yes, such as Ladymate Knitting Underwear Factory, our products like Ladymate should benefit more customers and allow more users to use us“Ladymate products, at the same time, we also firmly believe that under the leadership of President Wang of the underwear factory, our Ladymate knitting will surely move towards greater glory! --- Editor in charge: Ladymate Knitting All rights reserved (Ladymate Knitting)
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