Breathable underwear manufacturers explain underwear knowledge and production process! ! !

by:LADYMATE     2022-08-19
​ Breathable underwear manufacturers explain underwear knowledge! ! ! The underwear has a seamless style. This one is not only as delicate and elastic as skin in terms of material, but also the color is mainly based on skin color. It is specially designed for tight-fitting, light-colored outerwear.​ The full-cup cups hold the breasts well, so that no matter how tight the outerwear is, it will not reveal the clothes marks of the underwear. This is very suitable for young people, it is like a foundation that is close to the skin tone, and you can wear it with any style and color of clothes without showing any clues. It should be said that it is a practical spring outfit, and it can be worn whether the bust is full or not. There is also a sports style, which is not a sports underwear, but a functional underwear that is similar to sports underwear in style. It features a half-cup-shaped mold cup, which has the function of raising the chest, and the pulling force of the side straps makes the half-cup shape create a plump effect. This is also the kind of underwear that belongs to the above-mentioned foundation, which has a good invisible effect. But note that plump body shape is not suitable for this paragraph. The effect of underwear is: protection and health. The rimless series and the light banding series. Underwear is classified into functional categories: Orthopedic underwear: a series of products, also known as basic underwear. Health underwear: also known as practical underwear. Decorative underwear: Lace lace that women have to enhance the attractiveness of underwear. Underwear production process: Generally, underwear needs to use 4-5 machines, which is very expensive! The general process of production: pattern making → cutting cloth → pattern design → joining → ironing → try-on correction. ①Design Design is the soul of manufacturing. Because underwear needs to be close to the body after wearing, it must also be stable, fall off and breathable during work and exercise. When designing, it is necessary to comprehensively consider various knowledge of human mechanics, ergonomics, and human aesthetics, integrating art and function. Under normal circumstances, the size is divided into two versions: European size and Asian size. ②Material composition The composition of underwear is quite complicated. Generally speaking, underwear needs more than 20 kinds of materials such as main fabric, lace, mesh frame, non-woven fabric, shoulder strap, steel ring, strapping, etc. ③ Craftsmanship and production of underwear, the way of collective collective work. The production time of each standard underwear is more than 600 seconds. In addition, the process of functional underwear such as water bags and soft beads is more complicated, and it takes more than 2000 seconds. The general process is 20-30. ④ Inspection After the production process of the product is completed, it will be inspected by professionals. After passing the inspection, it needs to be re-inspected before leaving the factory. The production of breathable underwear is an assembly line operation, and one person can't do one piece. The above is the relevant information compiled by Ladymate clothing editor, I hope to help you! !
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