Bodywear custom manufacturers will introduce you to how to choose the underwear that suits you

by:LADYMATE     2022-02-14
Bodywear customization manufacturers will introduce you to how to choose the underwear that suits you. 1. Measurement size. Because each body fat condition and chest deformation condition are different, it is also difficult to objectively reflect the bottom circumference requirement under the relaxed measurement of the bust, so the editor recommends that everyone Measure looseness and try as much as possible under two sets of bust data; in addition, most people have large and small breasts (especially large breasts), but the degree is different, so we recommend that you measure the horizontal circumference, which can reflect the degree of large and small breasts. It can also help to reversely judge the accuracy of the cup calculated based on the girth difference. Second, determine the breast shape When you have the data, you can determine your breast shape and size. 3. Choosing a cup-shaped bra according to the breast shape is actually the same as choosing shoes. Girls will choose the shoe shape according to their foot shape. What Roman feet wear square-toed shoes and Greek feet wear pointed-toed shoes. Why are you choosing a bra? Wouldn't you choose the cup shape based on your breast shape? For example, if some people measure 70F in the data, they will be very puzzled that they will have an empty cup even at 75C. How can they have such a big size? Actually, it is because of the cup shape. A girl with a low bulge wears a deep cup, it is easy to have an empty cup, and then mistakenly think that her chest is small, and change to a smaller cup, but the steel ring of the small cup is not enough, pressing on her chest, slowly The outline of the chest is getting blurred. When wearing a shallow cup with a high bulge, the underwear will slap your chest directly, not only will you not get the proper support, but it may increase the sagging, and at the same time, some chests that are nowhere to be placed are squeezed out to form auxiliary breasts. 4. Wearing data and chest shape analysis are ways to help you narrow the scope of trying on thousands of underwear, but the final criterion is the effect of trying on. Note: Choosing the right underwear does not mean you can wear the right bra. You have to learn the correct way of wearing Bra: Note: Many people don’t wear underwear after buying it. The common thing is that you don’t pull the meat directly and cause an empty cup. Or the breasts are stuck in the middle of the cup due to excessive plucking. In this case, it is not accurate to judge that the underwear is not suitable. But plucking the flesh is very important. In the past, we have seen many big-breasted girls who were said to be stunned. In offline activities, we found that many people were wearing underwear for a long time and squeezed their breasts out. You can look in the mirror. Take a self-inspection, put your hands down naturally, you can see the part of the back near the armpit, it is obvious that there will be an indentation formed by the previous underwear strap and the back ratio and a piece of 'meat' extruded out. These can be passed Appropriate underwear and improvement of the meat. Five. Judgment is appropriate. Before I talk about the judgment method, I will show some parts and names that are more important for judgment in case everyone does not correspond. 1. Check whether the steel ring fits the contour of the breast. The arc of the steel ring should fit the contour of the breast. 2. The heart of the chicken should not be pierced or painful. 3. The cup size is appropriate. It is neither empty nor pressed. 4. The bottom circumference is flush, not loose or tight. If you drive up and run up than the bottom, it means that the bottom is too big. It may be caused by the shoulder strap being too short in order to improve the support after the bottom is too loose. 5. Shoulder straps are neither loose nor tight, too loose and easy to fall off the shoulder straps, too tight to leave pigmentation, it is advisable to slide a finger on the shoulder strap easily.
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