Bodywear custom manufacturers teach you to identify foreign trade underwear

by:LADYMATE     2022-02-18
1. Buttons Clothes buttons 'not the right version' are also one of the signs of 'good products'. Big brands will strictly control the import and export of raw materials because of fear of 'piracy.' After placing the order, they provide the manufacturers with fabrics, buttons, zippers and other accessories according to the production quantity. Taking into account the scrap rate of production, the foreign trade underwear factory will definitely be able to get a little more fabrics than expected, but there are not so many supporting accessories. After finishing the order, foreign trade underwear factories usually have leftover fabrics and run out of buttons. At this time, some manufacturers 'use wasteAlthough the details of this batch of clothes are rough, the main ingredients are crisp, and they are also rare 'extreme products' in foreign trade goods. 2. Seams, parquets, zippers. Color striped shirts and skirts made of large-flowered fabrics test the workmanship of foreign trade underwear factories. Hand-made exquisite clothes, the direction of the color strips, and the pattern arrangement will be arranged in advance. On the shoulders, cuffs, and waist joints of the clothes, the strips of the same color on the left and right sides are exactly aligned and have the same direction; each petal of the flower is embedded 'seamlessly' to make a complete flower. Such an approach not only requires thorough design in advance, but also a waste of fabrics. Some high-end ready-to-wear fabrics will not have repeated patterns within 1 meter. It is conceivable that how much material is wasted to make a flower. 3. Card cutting Don't believe the boss's so-called 'sign-cutting goods'. The kind of small holes and corners on the signs that are not painful or itchy are all 'gimmicks' to coax laypersons. The 'cut-brand goods' that are really forced to be destroyed will never show mercy if they go down with a pair of scissors. Either cut the crescent shape and cut out all the words on the trademark; or 'uproot' the trademark, leaving only two logo stitches faintly visible from the bodywear custom manufacturer. I can't make you recognize it anyway.
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