Bodysuit OEM brings you tube top introduction

by:LADYMATE     2022-02-23
Bodywear OEM tube top, also called wrapped chest, is a kind of bra underwear without cups, which has the effect of shaping the shape of the chest. It is generally matched with three-dimensional clothes such as dresses or small suits. A tube top is not like a bra. It generally has no straps, just like a piece of cloth around the bust. The short tube top is like a bra. The long tube top can be worn as a top or as a camisole without straps. Generally speaking, tube tops are more popular in summer. One of its most important functions is to prevent running out, bringing you safety and comfort, while also showing feminine charm. The matching skills of tube tops are also one of the dressing skills that female friends must know and master. Under normal circumstances, you don’t need to wear a tube top when you wear a bra or underwear, but in order to avoid problems such as transparent clothes or too big neckline opening, it is best to wear a tube top, which can play a role similar to safety pants. , So that you no longer have any worries between gestures, and don’t have to be careful about running out of issues. However, in the summer, even if you wear a piece of underwear, you can wear underwear and a tube top. I believe that many female friends are unwilling. So what way is there to solve this problem: wear invisible underwear or a chest inside the tube top Stickers are a good choice, so you don’t have to wear the straps, which is easy and beautiful, and don’t worry about running out.
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