Body underwear custom manufacturers tell you what you need to know about choosing body underwear

by:LADYMATE     2022-03-06
customization manufacturers tell you what you need to know about choosing body underwear 1. Can Bodysuit enhance breasts? It is absolutely possible. Customized body underwear manufacturers take a look at the physiological structure of female breasts: breasts are located on the surface of the pectoralis major muscle and are composed of breast, fat and connective tissue. The size of the breast is governed by the amount of breast fat. By wearing a relaxed body suit, the fat under the arms and stomach is concentrated on the chest, so that the chest is naturally plumped and has an immediate effect. The tailor-made body sculpture of Yayiman applies reasonable pressure to the breasts, which can make the glands and pedicle tissues in the breasts strong, and play the role of breast enhancement and beautification. At the same time, the special materials are gentle on the nipples and mammary ducts. Massage can increase the secretion of female sex hormones and regulate female endocrine well. After 1 to 3 months of wearing it correctly, your breasts will change surprisingly. More experts suggest that while breast augmentation, attention should be paid to shaping the body and body, not to be partial. 2. When is the best time to shape your body? It is the best time to shape your body for a woman who has just given birth. Because a woman eats a lot of nutritious things for the health of her child when she is pregnant, her fat cells are swollen and become hypertrophy. After giving birth, fat did not return to its original size so quickly. Many women do not know how to restore their body shape after childbirth, so that their body shape is completely destroyed. Due to the hypertrophy of fat cells and the gravity of the center of the earth, fat will go where it should not go and accumulate there. The distribution of fat cells is unreasonable, so the whole person looks bloated and has no sense of beauty. As long as you pay attention to exercise and add body underwear to give a reasonable distribution of fat, your body shape will definitely be more beautiful than before! 3. Can thin people wear body underwear? Not only is it possible, but also very necessary. Do you know Newton's universal gravitation? The earth's gravity is downward, so we can stand on the ground instead of flying in the sky. As people get older, their loose skin goes down, not up. Whether we are fat people or thin people, our skin is sagging downwards. The design of body underwear is completely based on the original anti-gravity, so we have to wear body underwear to prevent and delay our body aging. 4. Can Bodysuit lose weight? Losing weight is not equal to bodybuilding. In real life, most women are dissatisfied with their figure. For this reason, they have struggled with fat for a long time: dieting, taking weight-loss drugs, exercising, using fat shakers, applying various drugs and oils for massage, surgical liposuction, and so on. They also have to face time and money. , Side effects, rebound after cessation of effort, and many other issues. In fact, fat is the energy of life, and for women it is the source of 'sexy'. At the same time, women’s fat can flow. The design of Yayimann's tailor-made body sculptures is based on this principle, condensing human beings in structural mechanics, ergonomics, new materials, fiber, weaving technology, and computers The latest achievements in many fields such as science and technology are designed in accordance with the golden ratio of women's bodies in different periods. It can guide the growth direction of fat, return the lost, displaced, and sagging fat, and at the same time burn excess fat. , Decompose and disappear, long-term wearing can make the body fat exist reasonably, and distribute it according to the 'golden ratio' of the body. The deformed body can be repaired in a standardized manner, so as to reshape the charming three-circle curve and make the body beautiful. The effect that can be maintained for life. 5. Can the body-fitting underwear tighten the abdomen? It is absolutely possible. A smooth stomach and abdomen and a smooth waistline are important signs of a good figure for women. However, with age, gravity, fertility, long-term standing posture, incorrect sitting posture, incorrect underwear wearing and other factors, the waist and abdomen muscles are loosened. It is most likely to accumulate fat and gradually form cellulite, making the body deformed. The reasonable pressure of the waist clip and trousers of the tailor-made body sculpting of Yayiman can comfortably transfer part of the waist and abdomen fat to the chest, which is fixed by the bra, and the rest is pricked by the fabric of the Bodysuit Skin is consumed and decomposed. This physiological pressure can strengthen the psoas and abdominal muscles and break the fat living environment. Generally, after wearing body underwear for 3 months, you will naturally have a smooth waistline, set off a plump chest, round buttocks, and of course a good figure! Expert tips: choose the body underwear correctly, wear it correctly, and wear it for a reasonable time Is the key to shaping a charming figure. 6. Why is there a huge price gap for body shaping underwear? There are many body shaping underwear brands on the market. The nearly 20 times price difference and the general high price of body shaping underwear are determined by three reasons: (1) The fabrics have Special materials with high-tech content and patented technology, but the fabrics used by each brand are different, and the prices of raw materials vary greatly. High-quality fabrics can provide proper pressure for different parts of the body. Some fabrics even have crystal particles woven into them to achieve laxative, blood circulation, and ventilation to protect the spine and make the skin smooth. (2) Design factors lead to different prices. (3) High-end shapewear buys service and effect. 'The style and model of the tailor-made body sculpture of Yayiman must be set by the esthetician for you. She will measure your current size, age and body aging data, and then based on these data and Compare the standard sizes of each part, and then help you design suitable underwear. Teach you how to provoke fat with your hands to make it flow in the direction you want. At this time, the work of the esthetician has not been completed. She will also ask you the time limit you must wear every day, and after a period of time, you will be reviewed and adjusted to see if the effect is satisfactory.
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