Body underwear custom manufacturers tell you that underwire bras are not suitable for these people

by:LADYMATE     2022-03-06
Whether it is a young girl who has just developed in bud, a slim and beautiful young girl, or a fashionable hot mom with a graceful figure. Bras are all necessities for women. I always see a lot of people talking about underwire underwear, saying that they are very comfortable to wear and have a gathering effect. Can underwire underwear be worn? Customized Bodysuit manufacturers tell you who is not suitable for underwire bras? Let's take a look together below. 1. Developmental girls and students who are in the stage of breast development are not suitable for wearing underwire bras. If they wear such a hard underwire bra that is too tight and shaped, it will increase the squeezing force of the bra on the chest, and even split the breasts. Fat not only affects the health of the breast, but also disrupts the normal development direction of the breast and destroys the shape of the breast. 2. Women in menstrual period are not suitable for wearing underwire bras. Women in menstrual period often have swelling in their breasts, and even many people will experience breast pain during menstruation. ?3. For women with small breasts and flat breasts, the effect of underwire bras appears to be negligible. Therefore, for women with average or small breasts, if there is no problem of sagging breasts, there is no need to use underwires to injure themselves. A rimless bra with a wide lower position is sufficient. 4. When women exercise, everyone has a deep understanding that the breasts are easy to sway up and down, left and right, which greatly affects the quality of women's exercise. However, wearing a bra with a steel ring does exercise, although it has a certain fixed effect, but, What's more, it is not only inconvenient to exercise, but also easy to cause damage to the chest. For some of the above situations or people, Bodysuit customizers suggest not to wear underwire bras. It is recommended that female friends wear underwire bras as little as possible, or wear bras for no more than 12 hours a day. Although the rimless bra is slightly inferior in its shaping function, it is very comfortable to wear, will not appear crowded, and will not affect your health.
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