Be sure to wear shapewear after liposuction!

by:LADYMATE     2021-11-08
1. The continuous pressure of the body shaping garment has a shaping effect on the adipose tissue, thereby helping the skin to quickly restore smoothness and firmness after liposuction. 2. The fixed body shaper fixes the fat layer of the skin in the correct position, thereby helping the fat layer to adhere to the deep fat and avoiding the loosening and sagging of the skin flap after liposuction. 3. Compression to wear shapewear helps reduce bleeding, prevent bruises and swelling, and speed up the recovery time after surgery. If the shapewear is not worn properly, the effect after liposuction may be greatly reduced, and sometimes two parts of the body are not worn properly, resulting in incorrect compression, which may cause unevenness. Why did liposuction not lose weight? 1. Because there is no time to lose weight after liposuction, the reason why you didn’t lose weight immediately after liposuction is because the body part was injected with a bulking agent equal to the amount of liposuction before liposuction, and there will be accumulation after surgery. The blood accumulates in the original fat layer, and it has not yet reached the time for the body tissue to fully recover, so the body will not lose weight immediately after liposuction. Even some beauty lovers may be slightly swollen and weigh more than before. Because of swelling agents and blood accumulation, the body shape of liposuction recipients has to wait until the swelling has subsided before they will gradually look better and their weight will slowly drop. 2. The second reason why you didn't lose weight after liposuction because you didn't wear the shapewear as required is because the beauty lovers did not wear the shapewear for the time specified by the doctor. The shapewear can fix and compress the local tissues after the operation, and can also make the swelling disappear as soon as possible, and shape a good external appearance after liposuction. If you don’t wear it as required, you won’t lose weight after liposuction. How long do I need to wear the shapewear after liposuction? Generally speaking, shapewear should be worn for about 3 months, 24 hours a day for the first month, and only half a day a day for the next two months. The shapewear will be very tight at the beginning, but as the liposuction area slowly recovers, the shapewear will gradually loosen, so you don't need to wear it anymore.
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