Basic knowledge of Ladymate body underwear OEM

by:LADYMATE     2021-09-21
Basic knowledge of adjustable Bodysuit Adjustable underwear is also called 'functional' underwear. The design scheme of adjustable underwear comes from the basic principle of cellulite movement. After wearing it according to the appropriate process, it can support the loose and sagging muscles of the whole body. The trimmed body curve creates a beautiful and balanced body shape. Adjustable underwear can be roughly divided into the following categories according to 'function': (1) Adjustable bra: Decorate the chest curve to make the chest firm and plump, avoid opening and loosening of the chest, and show a beautiful and charming chest. (2) Body shape: The body shape is determined by the abdomen curve. The body shape design can produce body curves, lift the waist, and manipulate the accumulation of body fat in the stomach and abdomen. (3) Bundles: used to elevate and produce plump buttocks. In addition, it can restrain the protrusion of the lower abdomen. The long pants can also tighten the fat on the roots of the thighs and decorate the curve from the buttocks to the roots of the thighs. (4) Three-in-one long underwear for chest, waist and abdomen: To put it bluntly, the curves of the chest, waist and abdomen can be adjusted, and it is reliable to wear and not easy to loosen. (5) One-piece one-piece underwear: from the chest to the hips, the one-piece wraps up, in addition to the curves of the various parts of the sculpture, it is also possible to avoid the neck leaning forward and correct the posture. Material level: Focus on elasticity, binding, and even clothing comfort. The demand for beauty is not high. The application of stretchable lace edges and Lycra stretchable fabrics promotes the new generation of adjustable underwear to have the advantages of breathability and lightness. The entire underwear is made of stretchable materials, which promotes the average energy of the underwear to the body shape and reduces fat. The adverse reaction of being extruded and fleeing away. Style level: Pay attention to tolerance, while the half and three-quarter bras of general bras are rare, while full cups are more common. Underwear OEM cutting material line frame level: more complicated and detailed than ordinary bras and trousers, in order to achieve the actual effect of promotion, centralization, and stability.
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