4 cleaning tips to avoid yellowing of underwear

by:LADYMATE     2021-09-18
Today's women still attach great importance to underwear, no matter in style or quality, but in daily life, women will encounter some troubles, in other words, there will be some small problems when cleaning underwear. After cleaning, you can find that your underwear sometimes turns yellow, but you still don’t know that your cleaning method is incorrect. Therefore, today’s custom-made underwear manufacturers can share 4 cleaning methods to prevent your underwear from turning yellow. . 1. Pour detergent and put the underwear in it, but it is not necessary to enter the detergent immediately, because this will cause the underwear to fade and destroy the chemical fibers of the fabric, so in order to better ensure the consistency of the underwear, you must first wash it Pour the agent into the water, dissolve it, and then soak the underwear. 2. If you choose to wash by hand, first soak your underwear for 15 minutes. Remember that you don't need to soak overnight, and don't wash it by hand while washing, as that will make your underwear very easy to deform. 3. There is no need to twist your underwear after washing, it is very easy to deform. You can choose to squeeze the water in the form of extrusion. Girls should pay attention to it, or you can choose to put a dry cotton towel on it, and then tap it to draw the water out. 4. It is also a very critical step, which is to air-dry the underwear. Please remember that you don't have to clip your underwear to the strap, as the strap is very easy to pull. You can put the underwear on a folding clothes rack and put it in a naturally ventilated area, but you don't have to expose it to the sun, because it is very easy to yellow and fade the fabric, and it is not easy to deform.
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