Women's underwear is wrong. See if you have it?

by:LADYMATE     2022-08-25
Women's underwear as MM's close-fitting“Small cotton jacket, the most direct and intimate contact with MM's skin. So it is very important to choose women's underwear, but in real life, do you know that 95% of people will wear the wrong underwear for these 4 kinds of women, see if you have any? 1.MM wears the wrong women's underwear, ignoring the size of the bottom circumference! About the bottom circumference of women's underwear is the most common problem for MM to wear it wrongly. If the bottom circumference of women's underwear is too loose, it is easy to run up; if the bottom circumference of women's underwear is tight, it will be squeezed into the flesh and cause skin discomfort. A suitable bottom girth of women's underwear should be able to maintain the basic level of the MM's chest before and after, flat against your body, without a sense of tightening, and two fingers can slide in the girdle. Ladymate underwear factory recommends that when choosing women's underwear, you must pay attention to changing the bottom circumference of the underwear to a smaller one. If the bottom circumference of the underwear is too tight, you should change the bottom circumference to a larger one. 2.MM wears the wrong women's underwear, ignoring the cup size! I believe that many MM have the experience of choosing the wrong cup, including some men who choose the wrong cup for women's underwear for MM. If the cup of women's underwear is too small, it is easy to cause the cup to compress the breast! In the previous article, Ladymate underwear factory reminds you that wearing such women's underwear or shapewear for a long time will affect your health. There are also details about the harm to the body if the cup is too small and the underwear is too tight; if the cup of women's underwear is too large, it will appear empty and will not help MM's breasts. to protection. Ladymate underwear factory recommends that a suitable bra cup for women should be able to completely wrap your breasts, smoothly stick to the breast curve, not loose, not floating, and the overall feeling should be stable. 3.MM wears the wrong women's underwear, ignore the chicken heart! Whether the chicken heart position of women's underwear is suitable is mainly related to the size of the underwear cup. Generally speaking, when women's underwear is worn on the body, the chicken heart position floats up, indicating that the breast is not close to the body and the breast cannot be wrapped by the cup. Ladymate underwear factory recommends that when MM chooses women's underwear to try on, it must be noted that the chicken heart should be close to the body, not floating, and it is appropriate to feel the overall stability. 4.MM wears the wrong women's underwear, ignoring the tightness of the shoulder straps! The tightness of the shoulder straps is also a common phenomenon for MM to wear the wrong women's underwear. Of course, the shoulder straps of the women's underwear can be adjusted. If you feel that the straps are squeezed into the flesh, the straps of the underwear are too tight and should be loosened; if the straps slip, it means that the straps Too loose, should be tightened. Ladymate underwear factory believes that suitable women's underwear shoulder straps should not be stretched, fit the body curve flatly, and the shoulder straps should be moderately tight enough to pass a finger. Through the explanation of the above 4 points, have you chosen the right women's underwear, have you worn it right? Therefore, Ladymate underwear factory warmly reminds you: as our most intimate partner, women's underwear has the most direct contact with our skin. You must choose the right style, otherwise it will affect your health. For more information about women's underwear, please continue to pay attention to the news of our Ladymate underwear factory, or call the underwear factory customer service hotline: --- Editor in charge: Ladymate Knitting All rights reserved (Ladymate Knitting)
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