Why Wear Shapewear After Liposuction

by:LADYMATE     2022-07-26
Plastic surgeons will let you wear shapewear. At this time, some people will ask why you need to wear liposuction? A simple explanation today! pressurized. Generally speaking, wearing shapewear after liposuction can reduce postoperative bleeding and tissue swelling. In addition, plastic clothing can avoid local accumulation of exudate, promote the occurrence of hematoma and seroma, and recover after surgery. Please note that the pressure of the selected elastic clothes is moderate, too little elasticity cannot play a fixed role, and too much pressure will cause a series of complications such as phlebitis and venous thrombosis. Therefore, it is generally recommended to choose the plastic clothing recommended by the hospital. After fat absorption surgery, the amount of fat is reduced, and the space inside the skin remains the same as before. The skin and muscle layers are separated, and the space with fat becomes empty. The elastic body clothing exerts resistance, fixes the skin fat layer in the correct position, helps the fat layer to adhere to the deep fat layer, and avoids the skin flap falling off. shape. The ultimate goal of plastic surgery is to have a good body shape, and the biggest role of plastic surgery clothing is plastic surgery. Slimming clothes put constant pressure on the skin, and the constant pressure has a shaping effect on the adipose tissue, which helps the skin to regain its flatness quickly after liposuction. You must be mentally prepared for liposuction. After the operation, pressure bandages and clothes are required, and there may be mud purple and swelling. The surgical site needs careful care, rest, avoid alcohol and tobacco, and recover quickly with good results.
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