What is the cause of big and small breasts? What about big and small breasts?

by:LADYMATE     2021-11-07
Symmetrical beauty can be seen everywhere in life. The human body, from the five senses to the limbs, also has the beauty of symmetry. However, if there is the beauty of symmetry, there is also the regret of asymmetry. Such as big and small eyes, high and low eyebrows. There are also the right and left breasts that girls will have. Let’s talk about Shantou Ladymate Apparel-underwear custom manufacturer and Bodysuit custom manufacturer: 1. What is the size of the chest? Breast size refers to the phenomenon of inconsistent breast milk volume on the left and right breasts. According to data, more than 45% of Chinese women have breasts and breasts, and about 13% of women’s breasts have significant asymmetry visible to the naked eye. 2. Why does the breast size problem occur? Don't worry too much~ Just like 'there are no two identical leaves in the world① Congenital factors: usually caused by physiological reasons. Because the two breasts have different sensitivity to estrogen and progesterone stress, the development of one breast is more obvious. ②Acquired factors: wearing underwear with too small capacity and inappropriate cups; wrong underwear wearing methods; acquired sleeping posture; living habits; exercise; breastfeeding habits, etc., will cause inconsistencies in breast size. 3. How to improve breast size? In fact, if the breasts are healthy, even if there is a breast size, as long as it is within the normal range and does not affect life, it does not matter much. If you pursue a perfect chest shape, you can improve it from the following aspects: adjust your sleeping position, don't always sleep in one sleeping position, and avoid squeezing your chest for a long time. Daily massage, aiming at the side of the smaller breast, for chest muscle training and daily massage. Adjust poor posture, do not hunch back, sit and stand upright. During pregnancy and lactation, pay more attention to breast changes, and change appropriate underwear in time according to the change of breast size; during lactation, try to avoid 'milk swelling' and blockage of mammary ducts caused by excessive fat intake; keep breasts on both sides alternately breastfeeding. Choose underwear that fits your breast shape. 4. How to choose underwear for big and small breasts? 1. It is recommended to choose thin cup underwear with insert pads and insert pads. You can balance the size of the breasts by adding inserts, and the phenomenon of unilateral empty cups will not be caused by insufficient small breast milk. 2. According to your breast shape, choose a reasonable size underwear with a breast size within 1 cup. It is recommended to choose the size of a big breast. The small chest is equipped with inserts to balance the lack of support caused by the empty cup of the small chest. The difference between the big and small breasts is more than 2 cups. It is recommended to take the average size, add pads to the small breasts, and press the large breasts slightly. This gives the small breasts more room for growth and helps make the size of the breasts more consistent. 3. Pay attention to correctly wearing underwear. When wearing underwear, you must set the heart position to avoid unilateral chest compression. The shoulder strap is adjusted to the same tension on both sides to avoid uneven force on both sides.
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