What is a sports quick-drying garment?

by:LADYMATE     2021-10-04
What is a sports quick-drying garment for a ladymate underwear manufacturer? Sports quick-drying clothes, as the name suggests, are clothes that dry faster, the main function of which is to wick away sweat quickly. Note that it is perspiration rather than absorption. Sports quick-drying clothes can quickly transfer sweat from the surface of the skin to the surface of the clothes, and quickly evaporate sweat through air circulation to achieve the purpose of quick-drying. Sports quick-drying clothes are made of purified fiber, and they are very thin, without natural fibers such as cotton and linen. Because fibers such as cotton and linen are too capable of absorbing water and locking in moisture, clothes made of cotton and linen will stick to the body when exercising in summer, and sweating will make people feel more uncomfortable. Therefore, in terms of sweat absorption, sports quick-drying clothes are not as good as cotton. But during exercise, sports quick-drying clothes can ensure that the clothes will not be stuck by sweat, so they are more comfortable to wear. 'Sweat not sticky' is also the policy pursued by quick-drying clothes. The difference between the quality of sports quick-drying clothes is mainly in how fast they dry and how they feel close to the body. A good quick-drying fabric, such as SUPPLEX, will emphasize that it feels similar to cotton, but there is actually no cotton at all.
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