What are the common materials of underwear?

by:LADYMATE     2021-12-06
Underwear, including bras, vests, panties, sweatshirts, T-shirts, cultural shirts, shirts, cotton sweaters, etc., are clothing that comes into direct contact with human skin. They are closely related to your health, so pay more attention when buying. Natural fiber products are better to choose underwear. Among them, cotton products are more suitable, which have good hygroscopicity and warmth retention, and the price is also moderate. Synthetic fiber products such as nylon underwear and polyester shirts have poor hygroscopicity, which is not conducive to the absorption and emission of human sweat, and it is difficult to adjust the microclimate environment between the skin and underwear. Therefore, wearing close to the body often feels stuffy. It is worth noting that synthetic fiber underwear can also cause skin damage: the harm of nylon comes from the residual chemical substance-hydantoin, which can cause dryness, roughness, thickening of the skin, and even chapped and dermatitis. In addition, it has antigenicity to the skin, which may cause allergic reactions. In addition, according to a Japanese urologist, the increase in women suffering from cystitis in Japan is mainly due to wearing chemical fiber underwear. Wool underwear has the same damage to the skin as polyester fiber, accounting for 17%. Therefore, although wool is expensive and has good warmth retention, it is not an ideal material for underwear. Foshan Boxin Apparel u0026 Underwear-Underwear Customization Manufacturers share:    Specifically, underwear materials can be divided into the following types:   1. Silk: Good touch, good quality, non-static, but also absorb sweat and breathe. The only disadvantage is that it is not easy to clean. You must scrub or dry clean with your hands very gently. Velvet has the elegance and luxury that cotton does not have, and its natural smoothness is also lacking in Lycra. If decorated with French lace or Swiss embroidery and velvet, the gorgeous effect that can be achieved, I am afraid that other fabrics are difficult to achieve.  2. Cotton (Cotton): sweat-absorbing, breathable, strong warmth, comfortable to wear, easy to dye and print, suitable for girly underwear, creating a youthful atmosphere. In recent years, manufacturers also like to blend cotton with various fibers. Adding chemical fibers to cotton, especially for adjustable underwear, not only has a supporting effect, but also won't be stuffy. Today's ladies still prefer cotton underwear. Of course, because of the breathability and naturalness of cotton itself, the wearing experience is totally different from other fabrics. In addition, in terms of aesthetics, the printing effect of plain woven cotton and the dyeing effect of knitted cotton have a natural simplicity and youthfulness, which is also unmatched by other fabrics.  3. Nylon: Nylon is strong and will not deform. Most bra straps are made of this material.  4. Polyurethane: It is more flexible and more elastic than rubber. It is often used as a bust buckle to prevent the discomfort of being tied too tightly when the body twists.   5. Lycra (Lycra): The texture of Lycra resembles rubber. It is a fabric produced in the 1960s. The purpose of the original invention was to replace the rubber of corset underwear. Therefore, Lycra’s own characteristics are elasticity, comfort and support, making the underwear more close-fitting, not easy to lose shape, not easy to appear wrinkles, etc., its fine and smooth texture and excellent elasticity, the 'second skin' interpretation very good. Bras, panties, swimsuits and even socks made of lycra fabrics are full of praise for their close-fitting body and eye-catching sense of sight. Coupled with a variety of beautiful laces, it can be said to have reached a beautiful state.  6. u200bu200bNovel fabrics: such as Khmer, singeing mercerized cotton, silk spun, etc., compact structure, smooth like silk, soft to the touch, elastic, elegant in color, stiff and comfortable, not shrinking and not fading. High-tech elastic fabrics are extremely smooth; silk and innovative fabrics and printed cotton fabrics have become the fabric choices of today's designers.
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