Steps to wear body underwear

by:LADYMATE     2021-09-15
The first step: After putting on the upper chest, roll up the shapewear from the inside and outside to the abdomen of the shapewear, like a pair of short shorts. Step 2: Put your feet into the body shaper's trousers tube, and gradually pull up to the buttocks from top to top, so that the buttocks are completely covered. Step 3: Slide the right palm down the inner thigh to 2/3 of the root of the thigh, wrap the palm of the hand back to the root of the thigh, and move the body fat from the root of the thigh up to the right buttocks (the left side is the same as the right side process Do it again). Step 4: Pull up a part of the upper body of the sculpting suit and put the straps on both arms. If there is a button or zipper, please adjust it according to your own comfort. Step 5: Adjust the length of the strap according to your body shape. Step 6: Straighten the body, use the palms of the palms from the back to the armpits to the edge of the cup, push the exposed fleshy into the cup, and finally announce the position of the outer edge, and shrink it upwards into the cup. Step 7: Try to squat down several times to determine if the dividing line behind the buttocks is appropriate and the crotch fits the bottom end, then adjust the trousers (foot), and check whether the body shaper is flattened and has non-compliance.
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