Specializing in knitting women's underwear manufacturers Ladymate knitting is so strict control of delivery time

by:LADYMATE     2022-08-07
There is still one month left, and Ladymate Knitting, a knitted ladies underwear manufacturer specializing in knitting in 2017, will have a holiday for the New Year. At this moment, underwear manufacturers are also busy making orders for customers. In the underwear processing industry, Ladymate knitting has a reputation for delivering on time with high quality and quantity. We also know that there are many and complex underwear processing procedures. How to effectively ensure customer delivery time is a big test for underwear manufacturers. Usually Ladymate knitting strictly controls the delivery time like this. Perfect underwear production plan. Ladymate knitting has been in development for 17 years. For many years, it has been mainly exporting women's underwear for foreign trade. The orders for women's underwear in foreign trade have extremely strict delivery time requirements. Before the production and processing of underwear, it will go through the proofing process. Then in the underwear manufacturer Ladymate knitting, the time spent in each process will be recorded during proofing, and the processing efficiency of women's underwear will be calculated as a whole. So how much is the monthly production volume, how long does it take, and combined with the underwear manufacturers' experience in the production and processing of women's underwear for so many years, an accurate and reasonable order scheduling plan will come out. Coupled with the development of Ladymate knitting, the personnel of underwear manufacturers are also very stable, and the processing skills are very familiar. Basically, the probability of mistakes is small, and the delivery time of underwear is effectively guaranteed. Prioritize women's underwear orders from newly developed customers. When each new customer chooses an underwear manufacturer, they will have a familiarity with each other. Quick sample production and fast large-scale delivery are also the guarantee of building customer trust. Therefore, when every new customer chooses to cooperate with underwear manufacturer Ladymate knitting, the factory will also give priority to the order, and give it to the customer in the fastest way within the specified time, so that the customer can know the quality status of the underwear processed by the underwear manufacturer, and collect it in time Customer feedback, which needs to be improved and which needs to be improved, to provide better services for subsequent underwear processing cooperation. For old customers, Category A customers enjoy priority ordering rights. When we plan the production of underwear processing, we usually arrange the orders of some customers with good long-term contracts and trust in the underwear factory. According to the actual situation, arrange corresponding personnel. In recent years, underwear manufacturers have also paid great attention to the training of employees' skills in all aspects. One person is skilled in multiple positions, which makes it very easy for underwear manufacturers to reasonably allocate personnel. Xin promise, keep promise! Ladymate knitted underwear manufacturers have always insisted! So it's right to find underwear manufacturers to process women's underwear and come to Ladymate knitting! () Ladymate Knitting“Ladymate--- Editor in charge: Ladymate Knitting All rights reserved (Ladymate Knitting)
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