Singapore customers visit underwear factory Ladymate Knitting to reach long-term cooperation

by:LADYMATE     2022-08-14
The Singaporean customer is a local trader specializing in the wholesale of women's underwear. He found the Ladymate knitted underwear factory through the Internet, and came to the underwear factory to visit and inspect the underwear factory. Mr. Wang personally received the underwear factory. After a day of negotiation, the customer reached a long-term agreement with the Ladymate knitted underwear factory cooperation agreement. Singapore is a tourist city with a small land area and highly developed commodity logistics. Fashionable clothing such as women's underwear is also very popular in the local area. Singaporean Chinese customers have been engaged in the wholesale trade of women's underwear for many years. In the early days, they mainly engaged in wholesale sales of traditional women's underwear. For many years, they have been cooperating with some domestic underwear manufacturers in Guangdong. Manufacturer cooperation. After inquiries, I learned that the underwear manufacturers that process underwear are relatively well-known. Through the assistant, I learned about the underwear factory Ladymate Knitting on the Internet. I learned that Ladymate Knitting has been specializing in underwear for 17 years. It has strength, scale, R&D team, and customers. interested. In the past two months, the customer has been in close communication with the underwear factory through the assistant's email, and has learned some facts about the underwear factory, including the styles of some women's underwear products developed by the underwear factory. materials, processing technology, and some qualification certifications. Through comparison and understanding, customers recognize Ladymate knitted underwear factory very much. Afterwards, the client also picked out a few samples of women's underwear for us to send them to see. After the samples were received, the customer was very satisfied. Then he contacted their company's purchasing staff in China, and decided to let them come to the underwear factory first, and told the purchasing staff what they knew about the underwear factory and their contact information. The purchasing staff found our Ladymate Knitting through the contact information. At the same time, they I also found a few other underwear manufacturers and decided to conduct a field trip together. In the middle of last month, the purchasing staff contacted the customer service staff of Ladymate Knitted Underwear Factory in the afternoon, saying that they would visit the factory tomorrow to learn about the underwear factory and its products. Early the next morning, Ms. Liu, the reception staff of the underwear factory, was waiting in the factory. When the phone rang, they arrived. They were accompanied by Ms. Liu. The three of them watched the exterior of the underwear factory and the processing conditions of the production workshop. , and the showroom, they took some photos and said they would go back and show their bosses, but they haven't made it clear that they are the ** company and who the boss is. This also stops. In the information above, the underwear factory received an email from a Singaporean customer assistant saying that their boss wanted to visit the factory in person and prepare to discuss cooperation. They also told us their boss's itinerary. During this week, the underwear factory also communicated carefully with the boss, Mr. Wang, about the customer's situation. Mr. Wang asked us to make arrangements for the reception of the customer. Early yesterday morning, according to the reception arrangement communicated with the customer, the underwear factory sent a driver to the hotel where the customer stayed early in the morning, and received the customer to the underwear factory within the specified time. The underwear factory President Wang personally received them in the factory. . There were 6 customers in the customer group, and 2 of them had come back to the purchasing staff. During the chat, the customer said that he sent their purchasing staff in China to see it first. They reported that Ladymate knitting was really good. Powerful and attentive service. When I came to China this time, I also came to the underwear factory to see it for myself. The receptionist took the customer directly to the reception room next to the exhibition hall of the underwear factory, and had a cup of tea. Both sides had in-depth communication. The customer told us that they had invested in more than 20 supermarkets in Singapore and the United States, and are now looking for products that can produce The strength of underwear factory cooperation, quality requirements are relatively high. He was quite satisfied with the samples we sent last time. They wanted to add some of their ideas to the design of some styles. At the same time, he also brought their designers over this time. In the exhibition hall of the underwear factory, they selected more than 30 samples, 5 of which were directly produced in 5,000 pieces. Others arrange proofing, put forward some of their ideas, and their designers communicate directly with our designers face to face, all of which we can achieve. After lunch, the customer visited the production workshop, warehouse, etc. of the factory under the leadership of President Wang of the underwear factory. The customer nodded frequently, saying that he was looking for such an underwear manufacturer and planned to cooperate for a long time. Before leaving, I would like to thank the underwear factory for its reception. Our cooperation will be very pleasant in the future! Ladymate Knitting“Ladymate Jinhua famous brand! --- Editor in charge: Ladymate Knitting Contribution Copyright (Ladymate Knitting)
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