Shaping clothes washing matters

by:LADYMATE     2021-10-02
Next, Ladymate underwear manufacturers will talk about body shaping clothes washing matters. 1. Try to hand wash the inner wall of the drainage part of the washing machine, which is often covered with dust and dirt, which breeds bacteria, which will inevitably be contaminated on the shapewear during the washing process; and the detergent used in dry cleaning is mostly perchloroethylene, which is harmful to the human body. Health is also harmful.  2. Wash separately, even if you use the washing machine to wash, the separate ones should also be separated. Wash each person's clothes alone, at least separate the clothes of children and adults; separate the clothes of healthy people and patients; separate underwear and outer clothing.  3. Exposure after washing. After washing clothes, they should be fully exposed in a ventilated, dry and sunny place. Bacteria are generally difficult to survive above 55 degrees Celsius, which is very important.  4. Clean the washing machine regularly. The longer the washing machine is used, the more frequent the washing, and the greater the number of mold spores hidden in the washing tank, which will adhere to the clothes and cause allergies and other diseases. When cleaning, use a special detergent, or 'baking soda and white vinegar' for cleaning.
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