Opening design of nursing underwear

by:LADYMATE     2021-11-12
Breastfeeding underwear basically has a separate opening to facilitate breastfeeding, and it is roughly divided into three categories. Let's talk about the bra manufacturers below. One is the upper opening type. There are hooks on the underwear straps. When you need to breastfeed, you can untie the hooks and hang them up after breastfeeding. The advantage of this design is better supporting capacity and convenient operation. The second is the front opening button. There is a snap button in the middle of the underwear, which can be opened when breastfeeding is required, and can be operated with one hand. It is comfortable to wear, but the supporting force is slightly weaker, and the exposed area is larger, which is more suitable for home wear. The third is the front opening type. It has an opening in the middle of the underwear or on the shoulder strap, but when the cup is opened, only a relatively small area is exposed. The advantage is that it has higher covering properties and is more convenient when going out to breastfeed.
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