Mid-autumn festival, caring for employees, underwear factory Ladymate knitting to send moon cakes and longans

by:LADYMATE     2022-08-07
It's another Mid-Autumn Festival, the Mid-Autumn Festival is full of people reunion. For those who are outside, it is a great blessing to be able to reunite with their relatives. However, hundreds of employees of the underwear factory Ladymate Knitting are unable to reunite with their relatives due to work reasons. The underwear factory has not forgotten all the Ladymates. On this special Mid-Autumn Festival, in addition to arranging a holiday, it also gave all the Ladymates a gift bag of moon cakes + longan eight-treasure porridge. In the underwear factory Ladymate, everyone has a moon cake + a mention of longan and eight-treasure porridge. In the Mid-Autumn Festival of 2017, the sky is high and the air is clear, the clouds are clear and the wind is clear. The underwear factory Ladymate Knitting has a special two-day holiday in order to make customer orders, and also to allow everyone to have a rest and relax time. At the same time, the underwear factory has prepared a wealth of gifts for everyone, moon cakes + longan eight-treasure porridge. For this Mid-Autumn Festival, and to let everyone eat authentic mooncakes, Mr. Wang of the underwear factory Ladymate knitted early through friends to find a time-honored manufacturer of mooncakes that insists on ancient cooking, and customized more than 300 mooncakes for everyone. Reward for authentic moon cakes. The underwear factory Ladymate Knitting prepared more than 300 moon cakes + longan eight-treasure porridge for everyone. There is true love in the world, and Ladymate has great love. Every family member of Ladymate Knitting comes from all over the world. Everyone is destined to gather in the underwear factory. For the responsibility and mission on our shoulders, and for the common goal, although we cannot go home for a short time to be reunited with our family, we are in the big family of Ladymate Knitting. The warmth of home is not lacking. Underwear factory Ladymate Knitting - a 17-year-old underwear manufacturer with a panorama of appearance. Everyone has an authentic moon cake and a longan eight-treasure porridge. As a Ladymate, although I did not go home to reunite with my family this Mid-Autumn Festival,“The bright moon shines in the sky, and the end of the world is at this time! I believe that family members far away from home will definitely feel the sincere blessings from Ladymate Knitting and Ladymate people from the underwear factory. Finally, my heartfelt wishes to the underwear factory Ladymate Knitting, to all Ladymate people, to our relatives, families, and to all of you for a happy Mid-Autumn Festival! Ladymate Knitting“Ladymate--- Editor in charge: Ladymate Knitting All rights reserved (Ladymate Knitting)
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