Invisible underwear manufacturers teach you to buy common sense and how to distinguish materials! !

by:LADYMATE     2022-08-12
​ Invisible underwear manufacturers teach you to buy common sense and how to distinguish materials! ! a. Common sense of purchasing invisible underwear 1. Be sure to choose the right cup, otherwise the fit effect will be more affected. Some MMs want to focus better, so they can choose a slightly smaller size, and choose the one with shorter buttons. 2. MM who wear C cup or above does not need pure silicone invisible underwear. Silicone mainly has a plump effect. MM with big breasts no longer needs plump effect. The more important reason is that pure silicone is heavier than fabric underwear. , After wearing it, it will give a greater burden to the MM with big breasts. 3. Optional invisible shoulder strap underwear that does not show shoulders in summer Choose this underwear with invisible shoulder straps, even though MM wears very thin clothes in summer, she will not worry about seeing the shape of her underwear. 4. Invisible underwear cannot improve the shape of the chest Invisible underwear cannot correct the shape of the chest. It is not a body sculpting underwear, but its gathering effect is ok, and the externally expanded MM is somewhat useful. 5. There is a small sagging of the chest. You can choose invisible underwear with shoulder straps or side stickers. Some MM have a little sagging chest, but if you want to wear invisible underwear, invisible underwear with shoulder straps or side stickers is good at this time. choose.​ b. How to distinguish the material of invisible underwear The invisible underwear cup can be divided into two layers. The inner layer is the layer close to the skin and is sticky. The quality of the viscosity is directly related to the glue used in the inner layer, while the outer layer They are all non-sticky, generally there are two kinds of silicone and cloth.
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