If you can’t find suitable underwear, then come to customize the underwear

by:LADYMATE     2022-01-09
A woman’s breast is like two leaves that are not exactly the same in this world. Traditional bras adapt to a uniform steel ring with soft breasts. An improper steel ring is like a small file, pressing on the glandular tissue and affecting blood circulation. However, tailored clothing can solve this problem for you by accurately measuring the body. The steel ring that fits the curve of the root of your breast has zero compression on the breast and effectively supports the breast. It can be called 'adjustable underwear' in the true sense. A pair of accented essential oil bags Taiwan essential oil bags, containing 49 kinds of natural plant essential oils, exuding a pleasant aroma, containing volcanic rock magnetic beads, as the body moves rhythm, natural massage breasts, can fully improve the blood circulation in the chest and activate Chest tissue cells. The private customization of underwear uses another creative method of light and shadow to bring you to the deep love hidden in Monet’s paintings. Whether it is poor or rich, it is very romantic to stay with the one you love for a lifetime. Monet French eternal romantic feelings. Lace-vintage romance. The imported embroidery of the cup is luxurious and embossed. The delicate rose embroidery expresses the charming cleavage in light and shadow and rich colors. Cup-three-dimensional and round, with good containment effect. Underarms-cover excess fat, perfect shape. Inner cup design-comfortable and soft with a natural plant essential oil bag inside, the chest curve is more rounded and straight. Silk protein lining, antibacterial and antibacterial, matte and tender private parts. U-shaped ratio design-The U-shaped ratio design behind beautify the back line can effectively lock the fat on the back and beautify the back line. Back buckle design-ultra-fine velvet four-row three-button one-piece seamless ultra-fine fleece back buckle, silky and smooth; four rows of four buckles help cover the back fat and provide more adjustment space for the bottom circumference, which belongs to you Comfortable state.
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