Causes of getting fat in body shaping underwear

by:LADYMATE     2021-09-17
The reasons for getting fat when wearing shapewear: 1. Eat weight-loss products, the internal organs are unbalanced, liver and kidney damage, wear your product energy stones to accelerate blood circulation, the body deposits endotoxins, and the body detoxification due to the use of weight-loss products liver and kidney Poor metabolism, which leads to the discharge of energy stones to deposit endotoxins and deposits on the outer skin of the body. The body will become more fat. Wear the solution again, adjust the body up and down three times a day, tap the liver and gallbladder meridian, and use melons, fruits and vegetables in the daily diet. As the leading factor, no snacks or snacks for dinner at night, no food and no water after 8 o'clock at night, drink 500ml 8 cups of 50 degrees boiling water a day, and use the product again to change it. 2. After eating hormones and wearing LACA, you will gain weight. The basic principles are the same as those who have eaten weight loss products. Growth hormone damages the liver and kidneys, causing imbalance of the internal organs and six organs and poor metabolism. 3. The product code number distribution becomes smaller. People who wear it for a long time will gain weight. As long as the product is operated incorrectly, especially the small product has already destroyed the chemical fiber, the chemical fiber has the ability to prick and massage fat. Injury to the formula causes the loss of the ability of chemical fibers to prick fat and metabolize fat, and long-term wear and match small products to press the meridians, resulting in confusion of body function, and it is very easy to gain weight. The solution is appropriately configured and adjusted appropriately. Use meridian dredging and fat drainage methods and techniques. 4. People with hard fat will gain weight. 5. You will gain weight if you eat more and drink less water. 6. The spleen and stomach were not good before. After using the product, the gastrointestinal function is good and appetite is significantly increased. 7. Kidney and liver deficiency and drinking more than 8 cups of 500ml per day, digestion, absorption, circulation and metabolism can not go out, staying in the body is very easy to grow water fat. 8. In a short period of time, the emotional and work pressure of blood stasis is in the body, and it is very easy to gain weight!
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