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by:LADYMATE     2022-07-29
How swimsuit manufacturers test their products: First, the test of upper stop strength Flat pull strength is the most basic strength index, and it is used to test the ability of work clothes zipper teeth to resist lateral force in an interlocked state, which is consistent with the actual use. The status is very similar. Second, the test of the flat pull strength There are many methods to measure the strength of the zipper of swimwear manufacturers, but the basic strength requirements can be tested by the following methods. From the results of these tests, the quality of the zipper for different purposes can be determined. 3. Test the pull head locking strength. Swimwear manufacturers test the situation that the open tail pulls the cannula and the socket to resist external force damage. The clamps fix the left and right sides of the open tail respectively. When the pull chain is closed, start the head starter. 4. The test of the strength of the open-end horizontal pull Pull the slider to the lower end stop, the pull teeth are divided into two parts, the left and right sides can be pulled to measure the force required for the bottom stop to be damaged, and the pull Resistance of head internals. 5. Test the lower stop strength. The chain teeth of the puller are interlocked, and the slider is pulled to the upper end stop, and the slider is pulled. At this time, the upper stop strength of the overalls zipper can be measured, which simulates the holding state of the overalls zipper. Down, the ability of the slider to resist external force when pulling off the upper stop or moving the upper stop from the rib.
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