Yoga clothes processing: how to choose yoga clothes?

by:LADYMATE     2022-08-06
Yoga clothes processing: how to choose yoga clothes? 1. The fabric must be breathable The fabric of the yoga suit must be breathable, when we practice yoga. After a lot of warm-up in the early stage, the body will sweat a lot. If the fabric is not breathable and does not absorb sweat, a steamer will form around the body. Covering up is extremely bad for the body. Therefore, when you buy yoga clothes, you must pay attention to the fact that chemical fiber fabrics are definitely rejected. Cotton and linen fabrics are the basic choice, but although linen has good air permeability, it has no shrinkage, and your clothes are easy to fall off during practice. You can choose to mix cotton and linen, and add some Lycra material to ensure elasticity, which is a good choice. 2. The design must be close to the body. The design must be close to the body. You can't choose loose yoga clothes. There are two reasons: 1. There is no problem with loose yoga clothes when doing asanas such as lying or backbending. However, when doing a handstand, the clothes are easy to slip off, revealing the clothes and interior, which is very unsightly. 2. Loose and baggy clothes can easily cover up your postures, and it is not easy to observe whether your postures are in place. Therefore, everyone's choice of tailoring design must be selected to fit. When you practice, whether it is yoga backbend or yoga inversion, shoulder inversion, there is no problem at all. If you like this elegant and comfortable loose yoga clothes, you can spare a set and wear it when you meditate, which is also a good choice. 3. Try to choose short-sleeved trousers for style. There are many styles of yoga, except for the basic short-sleeved trousers, which change with people's needs. And the weather is slowly getting hot, everyone will choose some vest styles. If some people go to the beach for vacation, in pursuit of beauty, many people still choose bikinis. Actually, none of this is right. Because during your yoga practice, it usually lasts 2-3 hours before we can fully experience, warm-up and asana advanced training. There will be brief breaks in between. If it is a short-sleeved or vest, especially a bikini, you can only take beautiful photos. It is easy to catch a cold because you wear too little during the practice. Short-sleeved trousers meet your cooling needs without putting a burden on your body.
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