Years have passed, and there is a shortage of labor. It is imperative to upgrade the intelligence of underwear processing.

by:LADYMATE     2022-08-27
Just after the new year, underwear manufacturers have also started work one after another. However, although many underwear manufacturers have prosperous lanterns and long firecrackers to tell everyone that the factories have started construction, there are not many employees of underwear manufacturers returning to the factory. First came to the management of the underwear manufacturer, and then started to do recruitment display racks, and went to the talent market and the factory gate to recruit people. However, after a day or two, few people were recruited.…….Underwear processing reduces the need for labor, and intelligent development is imperative. As a traditional industry, underwear processing is mostly manual work, so it requires a large number of personnel to participate. In addition, the underwear processing industry has low and peak seasons every year, so many times a large number of workers are needed in the peak season, and there is not much to do in the off-season. As a result, the personnel of underwear manufacturers are unstable, and the flow of personnel is extremely frequent. This also makes many underwear manufacturers distressed. As a consequence of this, many underwear manufacturers have been recruiting workers for many years, the personnel are unstable, and the quality of underwear processing is difficult to guarantee. Therefore, the intelligent upgrade of the underwear processing industry is also imperative. Some links that do not require manual work should be replaced by machines as much as possible, reducing manual links and liberating manual labor intensity. Indeed, the cost of purchasing a high-end underwear processing and manufacturing machine is quite huge, and underwear products are popular products, so the prices are generally civilian. This also makes many underwear manufacturers reluctant to invest a lot of money to purchase equipment upgrades. In recent years, many underwear manufacturers have followed the trend of the times and advocated transformation and upgrading. Many underwear manufacturers think that the so-called transformation and upgrading is to transform the Internet. Open an online store, invest in a platform, etc. In fact, with the cooling of the Internet fever, otherwise! The real so-called enterprise transformation is still based on product and service transformation. The Internet can only be used as a tool to help enterprises play a good role in channel publicity. If you want to have good underwear products, in addition to good design and exquisite materials, you need excellent mechanics and professional equipment. Retaining outstanding talents, building brand awareness of underwear processing, and investing the necessary capital and equipment to transform into intelligence are the real direction of the underwear processing industry in the future. Ladymate Knitting“Ladymate--- Editor in charge: Ladymate Knitting All rights reserved (Ladymate Knitting)
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