Women's underwear should pay attention to 4 points Do you make it?

by:LADYMATE     2022-08-25
With the development of the times, the fashion trend of women's underwear is also more and more popular with MM, but women's underwear as MM's close-fitting clothes, no matter how new and trendy, should pay attention to some basic etiquette when wearing it. Ladymate has been a knitting manufacturer specializing in women's underwear for 17 years. Based on years of practical experience, I tell you that you should pay attention to these 4 points when wearing women's underwear. 1. Women's underwear should be comfortable and fit. The wearing of women's underwear is related to the health of MM, and many diseases are also caused by improper wearing of women's underwear. Many obese women will choose some ill-fitting women's underwear, hoping to tie their bodies“Be thin, tie your body into a meat dumpling shape, and walk on the road, always attract people's attention. In the previous article, Ladymate Underwear Factory reminds you that wearing this kind of women's underwear or shapewear for a long time affects your health. The article also explains in detail that improper wearing of women's underwear, long-term body binding, poor blood circulation, directly affect your health! On the contrary, well-fitting women's underwear is the opposite, which can well present MM's body curves! 2. The color of women's underwear should be harmonious. After so many years of interpretation and development of women's underwear, there are more and more colors and patterns, so when MM is wearing women's underwear, it should be in harmony with the color of the coat! The color contrast is too much, it will look very different! Another point, Ladymate knitting recommends that like professional women or pregnant women, women's underwear can choose the color similar to the skin tone! 3. Women's underwear should pay attention to the occasion. With the development of the times, there are countless styles of women's underwear. For example, our Ladymate Knitting will launch several styles of women's underwear every year. Then MM should pay attention to wearing different styles of women's underwear when attending different occasions. In general, Ladymate knitting advises: In solemn and serious occasions, MM should not wear women's underwear with leaky shoulders; in office or public places, women's underwear that is too sexy, provocative and has a low safety factor should not be worn! It is suitable to be exposed and wrapped, and underwear that is in contact with the mainstream literature of the whole society is not recommended. 4. Women's underwear should also pay attention to health and warmth! With the improvement of women's status, more and more women are entering the workplace to hold important positions, so women in the workplace must pay attention to professionalism, and it is even more sloppy when it comes to wearing clothes, especially in winter, MM should wear women's underwear. It has a certain thermal function, and it is not advisable to wear too bulky and complicated clothes on important occasions. In the past few years, in autumn and winter, some women's underwear with warm and thermal insulation functions have been loved by everyone. Therefore, a seemingly simple women's underwear is related to so much attention to wearing. This also requires MM to pay more attention to learning and improve personal quality! For more knowledge about women's underwear, you can continue to pay attention to our Ladymate knitting news! You can also call directly: --- Editor in charge: Ladymate Knitting Contribution Copyright (Ladymate Knitting)
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