Women's underwear processing crisis and opportunity Ladymate knitting is always ready

by:LADYMATE     2022-08-25
When it comes to the domestic women's underwear processing base, it is impossible to leave Guangdong. The Guangdong women's underwear processing industry mainly produces and processes traditional women's underwear, and the women's underwear processing industry is mainly represented by knitted women's underwear. As a very traditional manufacturing industry, everyone in the women's underwear processing industry has had a hard time in recent years. Ladymate Knitting has been a manufacturer specializing in the processing of women's underwear for 17 years. Faced with the crisis and opportunity of the women's underwear processing industry, Ladymate Knitting is always ready. The women's underwear processing industry started early with the production and processing of traditional seamed underwear in Guangdong, and it has developed very rapidly; the women's underwear processing industry has to be mentioned. The women's underwear processing industry has also developed very rapidly in recent years. Long known is the women's underwear processing industry, knitted women's underwear processing through the introduction of foreign advanced production machinery and equipment, the use of yarn directly woven into finished women's underwear technology, so it is more comfortable and healthy to wear. In the past few years, the women's underwear processing industry has obviously felt weak, the number of customer orders has declined, and the profits of underwear manufacturers have become less and less. In the past, underwear manufacturers who were busy for a while in June and July have already entered the so-called off-season. Competitive pressure among peers is also increasing. The entire external environment directly affects the women's underwear processing industry is one aspect, but there are many other reasons. For example, because the threshold for the women's underwear processing industry is low, there are many large and small women's underwear processing factories. Therefore, underwear processing manufacturers need to have orders and profits to survive, but competition between industries is like a curse that plagues the entire women's underwear processing industry. The weak brand awareness of women's underwear is also one of the reasons why underwear factories have been trapped in these years, because brand building is not a one-time task, and building a women's underwear processing brand requires a lot of manpower and material resources, but the effect is invisible. There is no direct count of the banknotes in the hand, so as more and more underwear processing manufacturers enter, it is more difficult for factories without brand awareness to survive. There is another reason for the independent innovation ability of women's underwear. Most women's underwear processing manufacturers do not have their own R&D teams. They just blindly imitate cottages or rely on some OEM OEMs to live. The external environment is tense, and survival naturally feels very difficult. Ladymate Knitting has been a manufacturer of women's underwear for 17 years. For many years, it has paid great attention to the brand building of women's underwear processing industry and the investment in product research and development. own brand“Ladymate has been rated for many years“Jinhua famous brand; product research and development is not a problem, 7 women's underwear designers with 18 years of senior experience, launch 8-10 new styles every day, and can really provide you with customized women's underwear manufacturers! ( ) --- Editor in charge: Ladymate Knitting All rights reserved (Ladymate Knitting)
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