Why women must wear sports underwear for fitness

by:LADYMATE     2021-11-13
One of the most important fashion trends for contemporary people is sports and fitness. The sports bra can fix the chest, has good shock resistance, and is a comfortable and convenient garment. Sports bras make women radiant and full of vitality. Sports bra ODM is a professional underwear for women to keep their breasts free of posture when doing various sports. It has shock resistance and air permeability. Exercise of various intensities can make a woman's chest tremble. A sports bra can not only fix her breasts from vibration, but also prevent her breasts from interfering with exercise. Sports always involve sweating, so another function of sports bras is to breathe, breathe, dehumidify, and deodorize. In addition, sports bras generally have good ductility, which is conducive to easy stretching and bending of the body. Women's breasts are glandular organs suspended on the pectoralis major and are not supported by human bones and muscles. When exercising, if you don’t wear underwear, the vibration of the chest can easily lead to sagging of the chest, which endangers beauty and sports. Long-term heavy exercise will continue to cause pectoralis major muscle tears while the chest does not need to be supported and maintained. In addition, if the body sweats badly, it can also cause skin infections. According to the style design plan, the strong support of the sports bra and the side chest waistband make the chest and the body as a whole, and the action is fast and powerful. On the other hand, the fabrics in sports bras generally use stretch cotton and pure cotton, which not only need to sweat a lot, but also keep warm in the cold and stretch in the body. Different sports have different levels of violence, that is, different levels of shock, vibration, and damage to the body. The higher the degree of violence, the greater the variability required for sports bra ODM. According to the intensity of exercise, we should choose a bra with relative exercise to wear. Low-intensity sports road bikes, badminton, walking, yoga, fitness, etc. , Because the exercise intensity is not great, you can choose simple fixed underwear. This kind of simple fixed underwear has a layer of extensible mesh fabric, which is fixed and has a simple structure. It rarely exists as an independent way, and most of it coexists with the way of camisole. Because it is a low-vibration exercise (such as learning to practice a fitness mat), there is no need to choose a high-vibration exercise, otherwise it will easily cause shortness of breath during exercise. The most common type of underwear for moderate-intensity exercise is used for golf, stair climbing, step aerobics, ice skating, ice skating, exercise bikes, etc. , Relying on the extensibility of the chest textile to reduce the chest to achieve the purpose of immobilization. The shape, structure, working pressure, shoulder, back pressure and other factors (ergonomics) should be taken into consideration when cutting to obtain excellent variability and maintain comfort. High resilience exercise gymnastics, jogging (regardless of the length of the speed), high-impact aerobic dance, mountain biking, badminton, squash, etc. , More violent, naturally, your chest must support more. At this time, you need to choose underwear with support and support (the first two are unsupported, but the support is not necessarily all metal materials, sports bras have unique materials and methods) to obtain stronger support. As people's requirements for underwear ODM are getting higher and higher, knitwear technology is further improved, a new generation of disposable knitwear seamless underwear has emerged; in different places, there are different requirements for the function of underwear. The lifestyle of happy sports has become a widespread daily life, and the characteristics of seamless sports bra design products and processing techniques have also become the development direction of the underwear industry. Seamless sports bra ODM uses seamless underwear production technology to meet the characteristics of sports bras. It is a new type of functional underwear that integrates seamless underwear and sports bra. It is convenient to make, complete in functions and comfortable to wear. In the case of strenuous exercise, on the one hand, the comfortable thermal cycle between the skin and the body is broken, and sweat appears on the body; on the other hand, clothing has caused some changes in the work pressure of various parts of the body, and the requirements for underwear are higher. Such as dry moisture absorption rate, air permeability and so on. In addition to this basic function, it also has the characteristics of antibacterial and deodorizing performance, easy decontamination performance, and flame retardant grade.
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