Why should underwear manufacturers charge customers for proofing?

by:LADYMATE     2022-08-18
Two days ago, Ms. Shen from Quanzhou looked for an underwear manufacturer and found our Ladymate Knitting through the Internet. After many online and telephone communications, she also learned that our Ladymate Knitting is indeed a very good underwear manufacturer, and decided to visit the underwear manufacturer and meet. negotiate. After driving several hours to the factory, the customer also visited the workshop and exhibition hall of the underwear manufacturer in detail. She also chose a few samples from us. The customer is quite satisfied. Combined with her own samples, she needs to change and proof. As a result, our receptionist told the customer that a certain proofing fee should be charged first for proofing, and when you produce large quantities, the sample fee will be refunded to her as the payment for the goods. The customer is very unhappy, saying that they have already cooperated with sincerity for proofing, and they are very unhappy if they charge a fee…… So should knitted underwear manufacturers charge proofing fees for customers to proof? Why should underwear manufacturers charge this proofing fee? Why do most underwear manufacturers charge a certain proofing fee? In fact, about the proofing fee, anyone who has done underwear will know very well. In fact, the production of an underwear also requires a lot of cost for the factory. From design, to finding materials, accessories, to dyeing, sewing and other dozens of processes, In fact, they all cost a lot. However, because many customers are not sure about the future production of large-scale goods, they often make samples for proofing, or even proofing many times. As a result, underwear manufacturers spend a lot of time and energy but have no results. Most underwear manufacturers charge a proofing fee of several hundred dollars, but they are actually just setting a threshold. Customers who really need it don't really care about the cost of these hundreds of dollars, not to mention that if you have mass production in the future, underwear manufacturers will The fee is refunded to you, which is equivalent to giving you a free sample. Therefore, when you are struggling with how the underwear manufacturer charges you for the proofing fee, the underwear manufacturer will also think that this is only the basic premise of the initial cooperation. If you are not willing to pay this fee, how much sincerity will there be in the future cooperation? So why do some underwear manufacturers make samples for customers without charging a sample fee? In fact, there are two aspects to this. One is that many underwear manufacturers are free for the order. They think that I will make samples for customers for free, and they are embarrassed to charge hundreds of dollars. In fact, if you think about it carefully, if you really give customers samples for free, will customers definitely cooperate with you? The customers who end up cooperating with you depends more on your factory strength, service ability, etc. It is not that you are free once. How many people really take it seriously if it is completely free? On the other hand, many customers have become old customers of underwear manufacturers and have already cooperated with them. In order to take care of their feelings, underwear manufacturers will give customers one or two samples for free, but this is a favor. Underwear processing and proofing, more often for double insurance. First, it is to see whether the quality of the bulk goods produced by underwear manufacturers in the future is the same; second, it is also to better calculate the cost and give customers a reasonable price, because the price of a bag is more accurate and can only be calculated after proofing from. Those underwear manufacturers who ostensibly provide customers with free proofing, in fact, will spread the cost of proofing to the bulk when they produce large-scale goods in the future, but they do not tell you. Because underwear manufacturers are enterprises after all, it is impossible to do that kind of loss-making business all the time. This is also one of the reasons why many people find out after choosing to cooperate with Ladymate Knitting, why Ladymate Knitting can offer customers reasonable prices, do not charge arbitrarily, and are willing to maintain long-term cooperation with customers for mutual benefit and win-win results. --- Editor in charge: Ladymate Knitting All rights reserved (Ladymate Knitting)
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