Why is the future of e-commerce in the underwear processing industry of underwear factories promising?

by:LADYMATE     2022-08-18
In recent years, everyone has been talking about Internet+, and many underwear factories in the underwear processing industry have also begun to deploy the Internet. However, after many underwear factories have been doing it for a period of time, the harvest is not satisfactory. In the end, many manufacturers have not persisted in the layout of the Internet. , So is there any chance for the future of underwear factory's underwear processing industry to e-commerce? First of all, we say whether an industry is suitable for a certain model in the future depends on what it is in.“What is the situation like? We know that underwear is a new industry that is different from the traditional underwear industry. The so-called underwear is directly from yarn to finished clothes. In the past few years, underwear processing was mainly export-oriented, and Chinese people knew little about underwear. Nowadays, with the rise of the Internet, people's fitness exercise and awareness of health, underwear has begun to enter the field of vision of Chinese people. After several years of development, Ladymate Knitting Underwear Factory believes that this“Once the momentum is formed! Let’s talk about the second trend. After decades of development of the Internet in China, the post-80s and post-90s have already formed the habit of understanding and looking for information on the Internet. Therefore, when this group of people gradually becomes the backbone of the times, then It is inevitable for them to buy underwear online or find underwear factories to process underwear. And all along, girls are more reliant on online shopping, which is one of the reasons why some offline stores have become more and more difficult to do business in recent years. So when the two“When the trend has already taken shape, then the future e-commerce road of the underwear processing industry of the underwear factory must be expected! So why has the effect of online e-commerce in the underwear processing industry of underwear factories not been good in recent years? In fact, based on a few points, Ladymate Knitted Underwear Factory believes that, first of all, the bosses of many underwear factories have not figured out what the Internet is and how to combine the actual production situation of their factories with the Internet. Take an underwear factory that Xiaobian learned about. The owner of this underwear manufacturer is very conscious and has seen the development trend of the Internet very early. There are also a group of friends who are doing business very well through the Internet. He also wanted to do the Internet. As early as 12 years ago, he heard that underwear is more suitable for Tmall, so he recruited someone to do Tmall and opened a store. He didn’t pay attention to Tmall’s operating rules. Pieces are sold online. The result can be imagined. The whole factory is almost in chaos. One piece is sold. There are so many products that I am afraid that it will not be sold. In fact, for underwear manufacturers, the Internet should be understood as a tool and a channel. We must understand Internet tools and channels, it is only a way for our underwear manufacturers to directly contact customers, so we must find suitable platforms or build tools that suit the actual situation of our manufacturers during the application process. Cloud, follow blindly, otherwise it will burn money and the effect will not be good! Since the development of the Internet, it has gradually entered the era of industrialized Internet, which emphasizes user experience and occasionalization. Therefore, when underwear factories enter the Internet, they should always pay attention to the latest trends of the Internet, and find a suitable point for them to quickly cut in. Another point, the boss of underwear manufacturers should also understand that the use of the Internet must be as simple as selling one piece of underwear or several products through the Internet, and its more applications for our manufacturers should lie in“Online marketing and offline transactions are done in this way, which is to show our underwear manufacturers and underwear processing live to customers through the Internet, so that customers can understand the strength and service capabilities of our factory, and then make appointments offline to combine our offline traditional business. The way to negotiate the final cooperation to facilitate the transaction! Therefore, in the future, the future of e-commerce in the underwear processing industry of underwear factories must be expected! --- Editor in charge: Ladymate Knitting All rights reserved (Ladymate Knitting)
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