Why does this underwear factory have no off-peak seasons?

by:LADYMATE     2022-08-17
“Are you all working overtime during this time, isn't it the off-season for the underwear processing industry? Many underwear factories are now doing 4 days off and 3 days off. Friend Xiao Wang asked.“Yes, our Ladymate knitted underwear factory has always been very busy, and there is no off-peak season.“Well, it's still your underwear factory, you've always been working.…… Indeed, Ladymate Knitting, an underwear factory that has cooperated with Wal-Mart, was established in 2000 and has been committed to underwear production and processing services. The number of imported knitting machines in the underwear factory has also increased from 3 to more than 130 today, and the number of workers has grown from a few dozen to more than 350 today, and the processing of various types of women's underwear can reach more than 60,000 pieces a day. As a traditional processing industry, underwear processing always reduces orders for several months every year, and when the business is not busy, we call it the off-season. The Ladymate knitted underwear factory has been busy since the beginning of the year, and the front-line production workers are working overtime every day to catch the goods. What is the reason for this time? In fact, this is mainly related to the wise decision of President Wang of Ladymate Knitting, an underwear factory. Ladymate Knitting, as the leader of the underwear factory, has always been known for its high quality and strong research and development capabilities. However, as early as 2015, the company also experienced a decline in performance and a decrease in orders. At that time, President Wang quickly made a major adjustment in the strategic layout and proposed“Recharged, ready to go and“Keep the existing ones and develop new ones, and the underwear factory strictly implements this plan.“Recharged and ready to go! Refers to the underwear factory to pay close attention to product quality. With the development of society, various women's underwear products on the market are becoming more and more abundant. In addition to reasonable prices, people have begun to demand higher and higher quality of products. When the orders of the underwear factory declined, the factory decided to start from cultivating the operational skills of the employees and reducing the defective rate. The way of teaching and mentoring, an old employee leads two or three newbies, trains everyone's operation skills, and how to improve quality. After about half a year, the defective rate of women's underwear products produced by Ladymate Knitted Underwear Factory has dropped by 20%, and everyone's work efficiency has also improved a lot. It turned out that some customers left Ladymate Knitting, and now they come back to us for cooperation.“Keep the existing ones and develop the new ones! By training the staff's operation skills and paying close attention to the processing quality of women's underwear, some old customers have also been attracted to continue to cooperate with us.“Pioneering newcomers mainly refers to Ladymate knitted underwear factory keeping up with the trend of the times, where our customers are, we will be there. Today is the era of e-commerce, and more and more customers choose to find underwear manufacturers through the Internet, so Ladymate Knitting is absolutely unambiguous about this. It invested nearly 100 yuan before and after to build an e-commerce team. Websites, corporate websites, etc., and comprehensively deploy the Internet. After one or two years of operation, many customers have found us online, got customer clues, followed up, and developed some new customers by way of face-to-face interviews. Keep old customers and develop some new customers. Through training and support, new customers gradually become old customers, and they have a stronger dependence on our underwear factory. Therefore, in 2017, when many underwear factories entered the off-season, we Ladymate Knitting has been very busy! --- Editor in charge: Ladymate Knitting All rights reserved (Ladymate Knitting)
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