Why do you need to wear shapewear after liposuction?

by:LADYMATE     2021-08-30
Plastic surgeons will let you wear shapewear. At this time, some people will ask why you should wear liposuction. Today Ladymate briefly explain! Answer: Pressurization. Generally speaking, wearing a corset after liposuction can reduce bleeding and tissue edema after the operation. In addition, plastic clothing can prevent partial deposition of leaked fluid, promote the occurrence of abscesses and serum albumin, and recover from surgery. It must be noted that the pressure of the selected elastic clothes and pants is moderate. If the elasticity is too small, the immobilization effect cannot be fully exerted. Excessive pressure communication will cause a series of diseases such as venous thrombosis and arterial thrombosis. Therefore, it is generally recommended to choose plastic clothing that is highly recommended in hospital outpatient clinics. After fat digestion and absorption, the amount of fat is small, and the indoor space in the skin is the same as before. The skin and muscle layers of the whole body are separated, and the fat indoor space becomes empty. Elastic human body clothing fully exerts its resistance, fixes the fat layer of the skin in the proper place, is conducive to the adhesion of the fat layer and the deep fat, and prevents the skin flap from falling off. Shaping. The final goal of plastic surgery is to have a good body shape, and the greater effect of plastic surgery clothing is plastic surgery. Slimming clothes and trousers exert constant pressure on the skin, and constant pressure has the effect of creating adipose tissue, which is conducive to the rapid repair and smoothness of the skin after liposuction. You must be fully prepared for liposuction and face-lifting. After the operation, it must be bandaged and dressed, it is very likely that mud purple, swelling, etc. will occur. The surgical treatment location must be carefully treated, rest, prevent alcohol and smoke, repair quickly, and the effect is very good.
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