Who is suitable for private underwear customization?

by:LADYMATE     2022-01-26
Some people think that older women only need to customize their underwear, and they need to wear shaping underwear. In fact, the function of shaping underwear is to make your figure more beautiful. There is no so-called age limit in pursuit of beautiful lines. Older women are more likely to accumulate fat and loose muscles. Although they need to be remedied by shapewear, young women should not take it lightly. Increased work pressure, long-term indoor work, poor eating habits... Deformation, choosing the right shapewear can achieve the effect of preventing problems before they happen. Others feel that only obese women need to wear body sculptures. The main function of its physical sculpture is not to lose weight, so weight is by no means a criterion for determining whether to wear. Women of any weight should pursue ideal lines. Women who are overweight, moderate or too thin should be able to wear it through shaping underwear. Out of their own curvaceous beauty. Therefore, body sculptures are not specifically designed for obese women, basically any adult women need to wear body sculptures. Growth period: For women from the early stage of development to the age of 18, secondary sexual characteristics appear, and the breasts begin to develop. At this time, using the correct underwear with improvement and adjustment effects can help the body develop to a perfect curve. Stereotype period: Women between 18 and 25 years old are in the stage of development, especially when they can show their beauty and glory. They wear adjusting underwear to prevent the body from getting bad due to negligence. Aged period: 25 to 30 years old metabolism slows down, the effects of fertility, breastfeeding, and gravity, which cause drooping breasts, thicker waists, protruding flat abdomen, and thicker thighs, so you need to wear adjustable underwear to recover Your beautiful figure in the past. Rescue period: After the age of 30, you should pay more attention to the skin relaxation and bone deformation due to aging. The unique functions of adjustable underwear can maintain skin elasticity, correct posture, prevent spinal deformation, and strengthen waist function and beauty. curve.
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