Who are the adjustable underwear suitable for?

by:LADYMATE     2021-11-24
So who is suitable for wearing adjustable underwear? Shantou Ladymate Apparel Co., Ltd.-, shapewear manufacturer, and adjustable underwear manufacturer tell everyone:    There is no inherent hanger in the world, most women will have body troubles, and some of them are developing Uneven and asymmetry of the two breasts, some are manifested in petite breasts, and some are caused by the breeding of auxiliary breasts due to wearing unfit underwear. And with the increase of age, the human muscle tissue gradually ages, its elasticity becomes poor, and it suffers. Under the influence of gravity and other factors, the chest begins to slack and droop. Generally, the drooping speed is about 20 degrees per ten years. The fat in the buttocks slowly dissipates to the thighs, resulting in flat buttocks and thick thighs. Therefore, if your body develops normally, you only need to wear well-fitting underwear and maintain a good curve. If your development is not very optimistic, you need to wear adjustable underwear that suits you, and use external force to shape and fix fat. Women aged 25-50 generally need to wear well-fitting adjustable underwear to maintain their curves with the help of the special effects of adjustable underwear.  The design of adjustable underwear combines female human medicine, human aesthetics, fat freeology, ergonomics and human mechanics, a new type of underwear developed by professional underwear design. After the designers' precise calculation and design, the adjustment model can maintain and adjust the body, concentrate and fix the fat, and correct the spine and correct the posture. Adjustable underwear also uses some special materials to develop anti-ultraviolet materials. In addition to being modified and beautiful, the stockings are also required to prevent varicose veins, and even add fruit acid, vitamins, etc., compared to women's expectations for body curves , Adjustable underwear can better meet the needs of women. The difference from ordinary underwear is that ordinary underwear just wears out your original figure, while the adjustable underwear can be modified for people with unsatisfactory figures, and make people with ideal figures continue to maintain a beautiful figure.
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