Which underwear private customization is of good quality and guaranteed

by:LADYMATE     2022-01-27
If you wear a personally customized underwear made of good-fitting and well-ventilated materials, your body will not be tight and cause blood loss, and naturally you will not feel cervical stiffness, neck discomfort, headaches and other symptoms. Please drink plenty of warm water when wearing a Yayiman body magnetic massage bra, and massage with hot water on the acupuncture points until the blood is unblocked. Which one is better for body underwear customization? Body carving clothes function Body Bodysuit material The main materials for manufacturing clothing and underwear are synthetic fibers such as cotton, silk, and chemical fiber. Cotton: It is easy to be dyed into various colors, and the cotton fiber is very breathable and very absorbent. It is the main material of most clothing. But the softness is not as good as mulberry silk. It lacks the health function of silk. Mulberry silk: commonly known as silk, known as the 'queen' in textiles, people accept it not only because of its beauty, lightness, softness and smoothness, but also because of its unique health care functions: moisture permeability, antistatic, and silk underwear The hygroscopicity and breathability of the product are beneficial to regulate the temperature and humidity of the human body. Many people don’t know the benefits of silk, but they just know that wearing silk clothes in summer is cool. In fact, this is wrong. I will introduce you in detail below: The warmth of silk: There are countless small holes in the cut surface of silk. This is why silk is better than others. The reason why the fabric is more breathable and warmer. Clothing underwear made of silk can ensure and regulate the heat, humidity and temperature of the human body, so silk underwear clothing is warm, comfortable and breathable, and smoother. The content of the above 'Which body underwear function to choose for Bodysuit customization' is the introduction of Henan Shangti Trading Co., Ltd. After reading our article, if you are interested in understanding body underwear customization, functional underwear customization , If you are interested in customizing body underwear, please click on our news list to view one by one.
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