Which underwear fabric is good, and how to identify underwear fabrics

by:LADYMATE     2022-08-30
Underwear should be a comfortable shaping bodysuit, first for comfort and then for shaping. And the wearing comfort of underwear, in addition to the right size, scientific and reasonable design, underwear fabrics are also the top priority. Even if it is the same style, there are advantages and disadvantages of the fabric, and the feeling of wearing it on the body will be very different. In view of the diversity of underwear fabrics, what are the underwear fabrics, and which is the best underwear fabric? The following editors share two methods of identifying underwear fabrics, so that you can easily identify different underwear fabrics and choose your favorite underwear fabrics. Sensory recognition. Although the sensory recognition method requires a certain amount of experience, it is not difficult to do. As long as you deliberately touch various fabrics when you go shopping, you will have experience over time. 1. Hand feel: silk, viscose and nylon are very soft. 2. Weight: Nylon, acrylic, and polypropylene are lighter than silk; cotton, hemp, viscose, and fiber-rich are heavier than silk; vinylon, wool, acetate, and polyester are similar in weight to silk. 3. Strength: stretched by hand to break, the weaker ones are glue, acetate fiber, wool; the stronger ones are silk, cotton, hemp, synthetic fibers, etc.; glue, cupro fiber. 4. Elongation: When stretched by hand, the larger ones are wool and acetate; the smaller ones are cotton and hemp; the moderate ones are silk, viscose, rich fiber and most synthetic fibers. Distinguish between silk and rayon by hand feel 1. Silk feels soft and elastic. When rubbed lightly, there is a silky sound and a cool feeling; while rayon has a rougher feel and is not clammy. 2. The luster of silk is softer, bright but not dazzling; the luster of rayon is similar to that of metal. 3. Grasp the fabric tightly and release it, the folds of silk are less than that of rayon. 4. Put water on the fabric and rub it with your hands. Rayon is easy to break, while real silk is firmer. Hand feel characteristics of various underwear fabrics Cotton: slender and soft, with little elasticity, easy to wrinkle. Hemp: It feels rough and hard, and there are often defects. Silk: Shiny, soft and thin, there is a rustling sound when pinching and grasping, and it has a cool feeling. Wool: stretchy, soft luster, warm to the touch, not easy to wrinkle. Polyester: good elasticity, smooth, strong, stiff and cool. Nylon: not easy to break, elastic, smooth, light in texture, not as soft as silk. Vinylon: similar to cotton, dull luster, not as soft as cotton, not good in resilience, easy to wrinkle. Acrylic: good warmth retention, high strength, lighter than cotton, soft and fluffy. Viscose: Softer than cotton, with stronger surface gloss than cotton, but poor fastness. Sign identification. The limitation of the sensory method is that it is relatively rough, and its application is not wide, and it is powerless for synthetic fibers and blended fabrics. For some reputable underwear brands, you can know the fabric composition of the underwear directly by identifying the sign. These signs can be hung only after passing the inspection of the textile quality inspection agency, and they are highly authoritative. Generally, there are two contents marked on this kind of sign, one is the name of the fiber, and the other is the content of the fiber (usually expressed as a percentage). Sometimes you will find that the fiber name on the sign is in English, which looks very laborious. The Chinese and English names of some common fibers are listed below. Cotton Cotton Acrylic Acrylic Hemp Linen Spandex Polyurethanes Wool Polypropylene Polypropylene Silk Silk Polyvinyl Chloride Viscose Rayon Cuprammonuium (Cupro) Polyester Polyester Acetate Acetate Nylon Polyamide Nylon Elastane Polythane (Elastan) Vinal Vinal Rayon Nitrocellulose Silk
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